NBN 25: The Standard Household NBN Plan; What You Should Know

NBN is the latest internet connection phasing out the traditional ADSL connections in Australia. The new broadband network it is taking up as the new standard, guaranteeing Australian businesses and homes high-speed internet connections. The standard is primarily divided into NBN 12, NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 options.

Meaning of NBN 25

NBN 25 is the standard evening speed connection even though it is considered the lowest speed tier available from many providers, including award-winning SpinTel. It offers some of the best entry speeds and plans across retailers relatively affordable for small households with small internet requirements.

Below are some of the things you should know about the NBN25 Standard Plan

What is an Acceptable Speed for NBN?

The standard NBN 25 plan reaches maximum download speeds of 25Mbps on downloads. Upload speeds can reach a maximum of 5Mbps. During the evenings or peak hours when most households use the standard plan, the download and upload speeds can vary significantly between 18Mbps and 24Mbps between various providers.

However, NBN 25 is not a slow internet connection plan, even though it is not one of the fastest available options. The downloads and upload speeds that one gets to enjoy depend on the internet usage and the devices connected to the network

SpinTel’s NBN 25 plan, which goes for $49 a month on the six month special, is good for households with one or two people. It is suitable for standard-definition streaming browsing, gaming, and other generic internet uses.

NBN 25 Internet Plans

Different telecommunication companies and internet service providers offer the NBN 25 plan in varying degrees. While most offer speed tier plans, some providers provide capped data options. As a result, NBN 25 under the speed tier plan can be very competitive, with each provider offering benefits and varying bonuses.

For starters, SpinTel offers an unlimited speed tier NBN 25 plan with no contract. However, if you are looking to make some savings, you can always go for a capped NBN data plan on offer by the various providers.

Is NBN 25 Fast Enough?

The Standard NBN 25 plan is a suitable internet plan for smaller households that don’t have so much data requirement and are not intensive in the internet consumption. Is NBN 25 fast enough? Well the NBN plan does not offer super-fast download and upload speeds, as is the case with the NBN 50 plan. When it comes to NBN 25 vs. NBN 50 the latter is suited for people who would like to stream 4K movies and upload and download large files at the fastest speeds.

However, it is a cheaper option for people who wish to upload and download HD YouTube clips. It can also download an entire album in less than 20 seconds while downloading a 1.5GB movie file in less than eight minutes.

SpinTel guarantees the typical evening speed of up to 25Mbps on the NBN 25 plan when most people are online. The typical evening speed is the average internet speed one is likely to enjoy during the peak internet hours between 7 pm and 11 pm.

Whenever the internet speeds are slower, it implies a high volume of users leading to network congestion which is usually not the case with SpinTel.

How Much Does the NBN 25 Plan Cost?

NBN 25 plans compare differently between telecommunication companies and internet service providers. The providers offer the plan at different price points depending on the benefits and other bonuses on offer. However, the plan is still affordable for anyone looking to enjoy fast internet speeds for doing normal chores on the internet.

For anyone looking for unlimited data without any caps on data usage throughout the month, SpinTel offers one of the most affordable NBN 25 plans priced at $49 a month on a six month special. However, other providers charge as much as $60 a month and, at times, $75 per month due to added benefits and bonuses.

In addition to the monthly costs, it is essential to look for introductory offers and other discounts that cut the monthly bill significantly. The offers are usually on offer within the first six to 12 months of signing up for the NBN 25 plan. In addition, it is essential to consider whether you need extras on the plans, such as a home phone line entertainment bundle.

Is the NBN Plan a Reliable Plan?

If in a dilemma on whether to go with the NBN 25 plan, it is essential to consider the kind of person you are when it comes to internet usage and the household at large. The number of devices you intend to connect to the internet is also a vital factor to consider.

If your household is larger and you have more than five devices that will need to be connected to the internet during peak hours, the NBN 25 might not be a suitable plan. Additionally, you might have to consider a higher plan if you do lots of 4k streaming of huge file downloads or high-definition video calls.

While selecting a plan, it is important to analyze your internet usage habits during peak times between 7 pm and 11 pm.  Getting a suitable modem that can beam a stable internet connection to all parts of the house is also essential.

NBN 25 is a suitable plan for a household where internet usage is small, and the number of devices is limited. The plan offers an excellent general-use broadband speed ideal for online streaming, gaming, and browsing. However, the plan might struggle in a house that needs multiple 4K streaming, whereby a heavy-duty plan such as the NBN plan is highly recommended.

While most people might ask “How can I increase my NBN speed?” Well in addition to using a Wi-Fi booster to boost connection, upgrading to a higher plan is a sure way of enjoying high NBN speeds. For instance, if you are using the standard NBN 25  you can always upgrade to NBN 50 to enjoy 50mbps  in download speeds.

SpinTel for a Reliable Congestion Free NBN 25 Plan

NBN 25 is a general-use NBN internet plan for households with light internet usage requirements. The standard plan is suitable for three or more users depending on internet consumption. It is also ideal for streaming music videos and web browsing. It can also be used for streaming multiple HD services.

The NBN 25 internet speeds can vary from the maximum of 25Mbps depending on the number of people using the plan at a given time. During peak internet hours between 7 pm and 11 pm, internet upload and download speeds fluctuate significantly. However, award-winning SpinTel guarantees a congestion-free NBN 25 plan with a typical evening of 25Mbps during peak hours.


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