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Our small business plans have you covered, whatever your budget

Looking for a small business plan that ticks all the boxes but is still within your budget? We’ve come up with four great plans designed to suit the small business user – the great news is that you can choose a bundle that’s just right for your business. You can always upgrade later, even while under contract.

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Line rental Included Included Included Included
Local calls 10¢ Unlimited
National calls 10¢/min
Mobile calls 34¢/min
Additional Line
(same premises, max of 5)
$39.95 per month
(same call rates as primary line )
$49.95 per month
(same call rates as primary line )
$59.95 per month
(same call rates as primary line )
$69.95 per month
(same call rates as primary line )
Flagfall No Flagfall No Flagfall No Flagfall No Flagfall
Per Month


Per Month


Per Month


Per Month



Your monthly total is $49.95

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What is flagfall?

It’s a fixed fee of around 39 cents for any timed call made from your business phone, the good news, we don’t charge flag fall on any of our bundles.

What if I don’t have a phone line connected?

It couldn’t be easier. Choose your plan and we will inform you when your service will be connected and activated. All work is carried out remotely. We will notify you by email and SMS when your service has been activated.

Can I keep my telephone number?

Yes. You can keep your existing landline telephone number when transferring to SpinTel.

Will I be notified once I reach my included data limit?

We’ll notify you at 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance, so you’ll know how you’re tracking.

How do I upgrade my plan?

You can choose to upgrade your plan while still under contract, and it’s free of charge. Simply log into My Account, our 24-hour customer service portal, and with a few clicks you can upgrade your plan.

Can I bundle my phone?

Absolutely, if you want to bundle now, please go to You can also bundle after connecting with SpinTel, and there are always benefits in bundling.

What is a bundle?

Simple. Bring all your business communication needs together into one great value package and you’ve created what’s called a bundle. So, you can get your line rental, broadband and business phone calls all in the same bundle.

Do I get priority service?

Yes when you make a call to us using a phone number supplied to us as a contact point will receive priority service.