Mobile & ADSL2+ Bundle

12 month contract $49 install, 24 month contract free install

Not everyone wants a landline connection — that's why SpinTel has created the SIM-only mobile and ADSL2+ bundle. This way you get what you want and save money.

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165 calls and text
All This for 49 95 per month
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Minimum total cost is $653.40 over 12 months, or $1,373.40 over 24 months
Unlimited fast ADSL2 plus
Unlimited calls plus SMS plus MMS
All this for 109 95 per month
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Minimum total cost is $1,203.80 over 12 months, or $2,643.80 over 24 months


Things To Know (Click Me)

  • Prices displayed on this page include GST.
  • Minimum total cost for Mobile and ADSL2+ Bundle plans are calculated as follows: Bundle Cost x Contract Length + Installation Fee (if applicable) + Postage Cost ($5 - if no modem option selected).
  • Payment options include direct debit or credit card (surcharge applies).
  • Service is billed monthly in advance.
  • Service is available to residential customers only.
  • Plan is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • 30 days' written notice is required in writing for cancellation of services.
  • A $20 postage and handling fee applies if you select a modem or $5 for SIM card only.
  • Broadband connection times may vary and we will advise you of a connection time once the order has been placed. Broadband connection time is generally 14 working days. Mobile services are generally activated within five working days.
  • Both the mobile and broadband service will be contracted for the minimum term elected.
  • We require a telephone line to convert into a broadband-only service. If you do not have an active telephone service, a telephone connection fee will apply. To view the telephone connection fees, click here.
  • Be aware that you will lose your landline telephone number and telephone service (including any services associated with the line, such as Voice Mail, Caller ID, Fax Duet etc).
  • You are not able to dial emergency services (including 000) from your landline once it is converted into a broadband-only service. If you require a landline for emergencies, we recommend signing up to our Home Phone and ADSL2+ services. Furthermore, monitored alarms or fax machines will not work on the converted line.
  • An early termination fee of $300 pro-rata applies for broadband should you cancel within your contract term.
  • If you cancel your mobile service within the contract term, the mobile early termination fee would be equal to the monthly plan fee times the amount of months remaining on your contract.
  • Data usage is calculated for both downloads and uploads.
  • You may change plans at any time during your contract.
  • There is no charge to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • Broadband data usage is calculated in gigabytes where 1 gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1000 megabytes (MB).
  • Unused download data is forfeited at the end of each billing month.
  • The Mobile Service Description (Mobile and ADSL2+ Bundle) forms part of the agreement, to view click here.
  • The Mobile Standard Pricing Table (Mobile and ADSL2+ Bundle) forms part of the agreement, to view click here.