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7¢/min 5¢/min 3¢/min
SpinTel to SpinTel VoIP calls Free Free Free
DID Number Optional Optional Optional
Minimum total cost in first month $5 $10.00 $15.00
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What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) enables you to make and receive telephone calls over the internet. You can use a normal telephone handset as you do now and you do not require a computer. The primary benefit is the cost saving as VoIP calls are inexpensive.

All that is required is a broadband internet connection and a suitable VoIP-enabled modem or analogue telephone adaptor.

What is a DID Number?

A Direct Inward Dial (DID) number is your VoIP telephone number. You are able to use it in the same way as a normal landline number.

A DID allows you to receive incoming calls. Without a DID you’d only be able to make outgoing calls using VoIP.

If you select a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number that is out of your call collection area, charges for that DID number will pertain to the call collection area for that number.

Additional Features

Caller ID FREE
Call Waiting FREE
Call Transfer FREE
3 Way Call FREE
Call Forward Unconditional FREE
Call Forward on Busy FREE
Call Forward on Unavailable FREE
Do Not Disturb FREE
Call Return FREE
Voicemail FREE
Caller ID Block 5¢ per use, or $1.95 per month
Set Outgoing Caller ID FREE with a SpinTel landline, or $1.95 per month
Call Forward to Multiple Numbers $1.95 per month
Call Forward for Selected Numbers $1.95 per month
Wakeup Calls 5¢ per use

Some features may be incompatible in some areas. Email sales@spin.net.au or call us on 13 22 10 for further information.
Existing customers can activate these features in My Account.


Can I use VoIP with my current landline?

You can also use VoIP to supplement your existing phone service by allowing all incoming calls to come through via your traditional landline and all outgoing calls through VoIP. This will allow you to keep your existing landline number and save on call costs.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

We recommend at least a 512/128Kbps ADSL broadband service for VoIP. However a 1500/256Kbps and higher service is preferred. This will ensure optimum quality calls.

Do I need to make calls through my computer?

No. Once set-up correctly, you are can use VoIP like a regular phone service.

What is an additional line?

Each additional line allows you to make another outbound call at the same time. The additional line will have the same call rates as the primary line.

Hardware Options

Minitar MVA11A VoIP Modem

Minitar MVA11A

  • This device requires a broadband modem/router to function correctly.
  • Silence Suppression
  • Voice activity detection
  • RJ11 Port for Standard Phone
  • RJ11 Port for PSTN Lifeline (Optional)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
Price: $119
D-Link DVA-G3670B ADSL2+ WiFi Modem

D-Link DVA-G3670B

  • Integrated high-speed ADSL2/2+ modem
  • 2x FXS Ports (VoIP)
  • 4 port Ethernet router
  • Wireless G
  • 1x FXO Lifeline (PSTN)
  • Splitter filter included
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
Price: $199

If you have an existing VoIP compatible modem or ATA, you are not required to purchase a new device from us.

Things to know

  • All prices include GST.
  • Only available to residential customers.
  • Payments are to be made by Direct Debit or Credit Card.
  • No flagfall applies to all calls.
  • Timed calls are charged on a per second basis.
  • 30 days required in writing for cancellations.
  • All plans are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • Calls to 13 & 1300 numbers are charged at 30¢ per call.
  • Calls to 1800 numbers are free.
  • SpinTel provides no guarantee that the DID number allocated will be a local call for third party callers in your area. This must be confirmed with the third party's voice carrier.
  • VoIP services are generally activated within one business day.
  • Unfortunately DID Numbers are not available for the Northern Territory.
  • If in the event you call an emergency services number from this VoIP service, you must advise the operator of your current location.
  • The service will be delivered over the Optus Wholesale network
  • To see our international voip rates, click here.