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Broadband - D-Link DSL-2730B CD Setup Wizard

D-Link DSL-2730B CD Setup Wizard

This guide will assist you in configuring your modem for the first time and connecting you to the internet using the CD provided.

Step 1:

Insert the Installation CD into your computer and after a few short moments the Installation Wizard will be displayed.

Choose your preferred language and press “Start Setup Wizard” to begin.


Step 2:

Plug the power adapter into an available electrical outlet and the power lead into the back of the modem.

Press the power button at the back of the modem to turn the device on, wait for the Power Symbol to be a solid green before pressing “Next”.


Step 3:

Plug in the Ethernet cable into one of the four available ports at the back of the modem; plug the other end into an available port on your computer.

Wait for the corresponding light on your modem to be lit and then press “Next”.

Please note that this may take between 30-60 seconds.


Step 4:

Connect your modem to the telephone line using the Splitter/Filter provided.

Ensure the following –

    • Line from the splitter connects directly to the telephone wall jack.
    • DSL from the splitter connects directly to DSL on the modem.
    • Phone from the splitter connects directly to a telephone handset.

Please note that it may take between 1-2 minutes until the DSL Light goes solid, once this takes place press “Next”.


Step 5:

After a quick connectivity check, you will be asked for your ISP Configuration details, ensure these settings match the below and press “Next”.

Country: Australia
Internet Service Provider: Others
Protocol: PPPoE
Connection Type: LLC
VPI: 8
VCI: 35


Step 6:

Enter your Internet Connection Details and press “Next”.

These details have been provided in your Welcome Pack.


Step 7:

The following page will configure your Wireless Details, once entered press “Next”.

Note that your “WPA2 Key” is your Wireless Password.


Step 8:

You will then be shown a summary page, press “Next” to confirm.


Step 9:

After a final connectivity check you should be taken to the below final screen confirming that your device has been setup successfully.

You are now connected to the Internet!


If you experiencing any difficulties with the setup of your Modem or require any other general assistance, please contact us on 1300 303 375 and we will be glad to assist you.