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Broadband - Billion 7404VGPX - Setup Guide

Billion 7404VGPX - Setup Guide

This guide will assist you in setting up your ADSL connection on the Billion 7404VGPX as well as securing your wireless network. 
This guide will also include the steps on how to setup VoIP. Please note that this is optional and if you do not have a VoIP service then you can skip this step.

Step 1:

Connect the Billion 7404VGPX ADSL2+ modem to the power.

Plug the phone line into the wall socket and the modem.

Plug the network cable to your PC and the other end of the cable into your modem.

Turn the Billion on and wait about 1-2 minutes for it to boot up and establish an ADSL signal. You will notice that the modem is ready to configure when the ADSL light is solid.

Open up your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome.) Once your browser is open, type into the address bar 


Step 2:

Once loaded, the page will request a username and password.

  1. Username = admin
  2. Password = admin


Step 3:

You will then be shown the following screen. Select Quick Start to continue.


Step 4:

Select the Connect Mode as ADSL and press Continue.


Step 5:

Set the Auto Scan to Manually and press Apply.


Step 6:

Enter the following details where your username and password have been provided by SpinTel, followed by pressing Apply.


Step 7:

Enter the following details for your Wireless setup. Please note the ESSID is your wireless network name and WPA Shared Key is your wireless password. Once completed, press Apply.


Step 8 VoIP Setup (Optional):

Enter the following details for your VoIP setup. Please note that your VoIP username and password have been provided by SpinTel and your server details are listed below. Once entered press Apply.

  1. Registrar Address:
  2. User Domain/Realm:
  3. Outbound Proxy Address:

If you do not have VoIP simply press Apply.


Step 9:

Allow 10-20 seconds for the modem to save the information and once completed you should see the screen below.