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Broadband - Netcomm NB6 Setup Guide

Netcomm NB6 Setup Guide

Connect up the Netcomm NB6 to the power, phone line and network to your PC.

Turn it on and wait about 1 minute for it to boot up and establish an ADSL signal.

Load your internet browser program.


Type the following in the address bar:


You will then be prompted for a username and password, unless you have changed this it will be as follows:
Username: admin
Password: admin


Once the new pages has loaded, enter the following information:

Your broadband username : [phonenumber]

Your broadband password : [the password assigned to your account]


Once you have completed the username and password fields, click the Connect button.

Allow the router 1 minute to connect to the internet.


You are now connected to the internet.


NOTE: If you have any problems understanding these instructions or you need help connecting to the internet, call SpinTel Technical Support, on: 1300 303 375

You will be asked for your phone number and which lights are on, off or flashing on your modem.
Please have this information ready.