Technical Support

Mobile Broadband - TP-Link MA180 3G Setup Guide

Step 1:

Plug in the TP-Link MA180 3G Modem into an available USB port on your Laptop or PC.

If the installation does not automatically start, click on "My Computer" on your desktop and locate "Wireless Modem" under the removable storage heading.

Double-click the Wireless Modem icon to begin the installation process.

Click Next on the first screen


Step 2:

Select the installation path, or leave as is (recommended) and click Next.


Step 3:

Click "Install" to continue.


Step 4:

Please wait for the program to install. Please understand that after seeing the figure below, drivers are still being installed. This may take 5-10minutes to complete.


Step 5:

Once installed the wireless broadband program should open automatically, if not, double-click the application on your desktop.


Step 6:

You will now need to create the profile to connect. Select the Settings (Gold Gears) option at the top of the application. Then select New on the right hand side and enter the following information.


Step 7:

Once the information has been entered, select the Save button followed by the Default button. You should now see "(Default)" following your profile name as shown below.


Step 8:

Click back into the connections page (Globe icon) and you should now see the profile you have created. Select the connect button and you should now be online!