Technical Support

Mobile Broadband - Huawei E220 (Mac OS 10.4 / Tiger) Setup

  1. Unplug the 3G modem.
  2. Download the Mac OS 10.4 Driver by clicking here and install the MobileConnectDrv_App.pkg enclosed into the zip file.
  3. Plug in the modem.
  4. Open System Preferences -> Network.
  5. Set Show to Network Port Configurations and choose New, then name it and select HUAWEI Mobile from the port drop-down.
  6. Name it whatever you want (for example 3G Connection), and click OK.
  7. Select your newly created connection and place *99# in the Telephone Number.
  8. Click on Advanced.
  9. Under modem, choose Vendor Other, and then choose the HUAWEI 3G Modem (could be named differently - but will say Huawei) as the Model.
  10. Enter the APN as "splns999a1" (Note the l is a lower case L).
  11. Click OK, then click on Connect to test your connection.