Technical Support

Mobile Broadband - Huawei E1762 / E160E (Mac OSX, 10.6) Setup

Note: This guide has been tested and confirmed working for the Huawei E1762 / E160E

Step 1:

Plug the modem in to the Mac, wait for this screen to come up, then double click the Wireless Broadband icon.


Step 2:

The installer will then begin click "continue" to proceed and agree to any license agreements that may follow.


Step 3:

When the completion screen appears, click Close



Step 4:

The SP Code Prompt will pop up automatically. Enter 999A1 and click OK.



Step 5:

The Wireless Broadband program will now be saved in your Dock, and will open. Click on Connect to enable your connection. The screen should then resemble the below.