Technical Support

Mobile Broadband - Netcomm N3G005W Setup

Note Please ensure you have followed the Netcomm N3G005W Setup guide first before following this.

Step 1:

In the address bar enter: as shown and press Enter.


Step 2:

It will ask you for the "System Password" enter: admin and press "Login".


Step 3:


  • Click on Advanced Setup.
  • Click on Basic Setting.
  • Click on Wireless.

Step 4:

Please set the settings as follows:


Note Where it states "[enter a password here]" enter a password of your choosing. Please write this down as you will need it whenever a new computer connects to the router.

Step 5:

Click on Save.

Step 6:

On your computer connect to the wireless connection, it will ask you for a "Network Key". Input the password you entered above and click on Connect.

You have now successfully setup your wireless connection on the Netcomm Router.