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NBN Order Questions

As we use a range of technologies and services to deliver you the best bang for buck service, our installation processes may vary from product to product. After placing your order we will send you a setup guide specific to your product. To ensure there’s no big surprises along the way, we have summarized our setup process below.

Upon first receiving your order we perform some advanced checks to ensure you can receive the product you have signed up for. If we encounter anything unusual we’ll give you a phone call within one business day of you signing up. If there is anything preventing your order from going ahead, we'll help you every step of the way.

How long does my activation take?

What happens next depends on whether or not you already have an NTD installed. If you already have an NTD installed we can begin ordering your NBN straight away, however, if you do not yet have one installed, we must book a technician for your installation.

NTD Installed

No NTD Installed

Step 1. Install NBN to NTD

1-3 Days

Step 1. Book NTD Installation

7-14 Days

Step 2. Connect or Port Phone

2-10 Days

Step 2. Connect or Port Phone

2-10 Days


3-13 Days


9-24 Days

Days quoted are in business days and are based off average delivery times. Some orders may take less time, or more time to complete.

* NBN Install times are directly affected by demand and technician availability. Most orders take approx. 10 business days, however some orders may take several months to complete. Customers without an NTD will be sent their appointment date within 3 days of submitting their order.

How will you let me know my order is completed?

We want you to be able to order your service from the moment it's installed. As soon as we receive word that your connection has been finalised we'll let you know via Email and SMS. Because your phone and broadband orders will complete on different days, we'll let you know when each one is finalised.

New Development Charge

The NBN Co has introduced a New Development Charge which is applicable to all NBN Service Providers. If you premises has been classified by NBN Co as a new development, SpinTel will charge you $300 inc. GST to connect your NBN service. During the process of activating your NBN service you will be informed by SpinTel that your premises has been classified as a new development by NBN Co and will be given the option to proceed with your order.



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