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Connect Outstanding

This page should help you better understand the connect outstanding process, and why it exists.

What is Connect Outstanding?

Connect Outstanding is a process used to connect a fixed line service where one is already connected in someone else’s name.

A classic example if when you move into a new premise and the previous occupant hasn’t disconnected their service. Understandably when moving house calling your service provider is the first thing that comes to mind, so this is a common problem.

Will Connect Outstanding delay my connection?

Yes. Because the service is active in another person’s name, we don’t have authorisation to cancel it.

In order to proceed with your connection, we must contact the previous account holder to disconnect their service, or we can begin the longer process of verifying your details in order to request a legal disconnection of the service so that your service can be connected.

How can I proceed with my order?

If you’re reading this then we have probably already submitted your order, which means it is already queued, but cannot proceed until the existing service is disconnected.

There are several things you can do to speed up the process.

What if I can’t contact the previous account holder?

If you’re unable to contact the previous account holder we are able to request a legal disconnection of the services.

Please note that this may take 8-10 working days, as the previous provider and account holder is given a chance to validate the disconnection.

 To begin this process please send us one of the following;

Please ensure that your documents clearly show your name and address.