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Frequently Asked Questions (Mobile)

What is porting?

Porting (Mobile Number Portability) is the ability to move to another phone provider without changing your existing number.

How do I port to SpinTel from another network?

If you wish to connect to the SpinTell mobile service, simply order the service from our website, making sure to "Transfer" under "Activation Options" in the sign up form. You will be guided to enter the details required for a port. Generally speaking post-paid services require account numbers while pre-paid use D.O.B (Date of Birth)

Can I keep my existing number, even if it is a pre-paid service?

Yes, you can port your number to SpinTel from a pre-paid or post-paid service. This can be found somewhere on the bill you receive from your existing provider.

If you have a pre-paid service with your current carrier, then we need your date of birth. This must match with the date of birth held by your existing carrier.

How long does it take to port my number?

The porting process generally takes 24-48 hours from the point your service is activated through My Account. However, in some circumstance porting can take up to 5 working days for the process to complete. During the porting process your service will remain active with your previous provider until completed so you will not experience any downtime.

Am I charged any fees to port my number?

No, there are no fees charged by SpinTel for porting your number, however, you will need to check with your current provider if there are any fees payable under your existing contract.

Am I released from my existing contract when I port my number?

When you port your number to another provider, you are still obligated to pay any fees due under your existing contract with your current provider. Porting your number does not release you from these obligations.

Are my addresses mailbox messages moved with my number?

No, only your number is ported to SpinTel as the new provider. You will need to be issued with a new SIM, therefore any information stored on the current SIM is lost once your number is ported. You will need to move your addresses from your SIM to either the phone or use a SIM manager to move them to an alternative location. You will be provided with a new mail box, so existing voice messages will be lost.

Can I port a pre-paid number and still access the old SIM with unused credit?

You can port a pre-paid number, but your old SIM will no longer work once the transfer is complete.

Can I have multiple Mobile services in the same name or account?

Yes, you can have multiple Mobile services activated under a single name or account number.

When porting, how do I know when my new SIM is ready for service?

Your old SIM will lose service at some stage of the port process. You should know then to simply insert the new SIM and it should be ready.

How soon after connection can I make calls?

As soon as your number is ported it will work.

What is Post-Paid?

You pay for your call usage in arrears and receive a monthly bill.

Why do you need my date of birth on the application form?

If you have a pre-paid existing mobile service, the DOB is required for porting. This MUST be the DOB that was used when the prepaid was taken out.

Why do you need my existing account number on the application form?

This is required if your existing account is post-paid. You will be able to find this on your bill.

Who is the underlying Carrier?

SpinTel uses Optus as its upstream mobile Network carrier.

What kind of coverage do I get with SpinTel?

Optus and therefore SpinTel network covers 97% of the Australian Population. For more specific information on coverage, please see their coverage maps on the optus website.

What is Global (International) Roaming?

Global roaming is a service offered that enables you to take your mobile handset overseas with you and use it as you would as if you were in Australia. The service is available as a result of international connect agreements between mobile carriers. Call charges for both making and receiving calls are expensive for this reason. This should be a major consideration when deciding to have the feature enabled when you travel. If it is enabled, it is also advisable to use it sparingly.

Does SpinTel Offer Global (International) Roaming?

International roaming access is disabled by default. Should you wish to enable this functionality on your SpinTel SIM, please phone our Customer Service Team on 1300 303 375 to discuss.

What are premium services?

Premium services are content or live advice services which can be accessed by making a phone call, by messaging (e.g., SMS) or via a data connection from your mobile phone. Premium services numbers usually start with 188X, 19X, 190X, or an international number, for example 0011. Examples of premium services are adult services, psychic lines, weather services, competition lines, chat services or ring tones. Premium services can also include high school test result hot lines.

You should always check the cost of the premium service before you use it. It is also a good idea to keep track of how many calls you make, or how often you access these services, and how long they last as the cost can quickly add up possibly creating financial difficulty where the cost of using premium services is unexpectedly greater than the amount you may have budgeted for.

When does a mobile plan change take effect?

Plan changes are actioned from the beginning of your next billing cycle.


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