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Dialup FAQ

General Dialup Settings

Dialup username (other than backup):


Dialup username (backup account):


Dialup password

[as specified on signup]

National Dialup number:


 Can Call Waiting affect my Dialup?

If Call Waiting is active on your phone service, it will cause the dialup service to dropout every time someone calls your line as it interrupts the internet signal. If you have Call Waiting enabled and wish to remove the feature, please email

  1. Turning off Call Waiting You can choose to keep your call waiting feature and simply turn it off when you want to connect to dialup. For instructions on enabling and disabling Call Waiting, please refer to your phone guide supplied under your phone service details in "My Account

My dialup service keeps dropping out. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Most dropouts are caused by modem or phone line issues. Make sure that Call Waiting is turned off first, as people calling through will make the modem disconnect.

  1. It is also handy to try disconnecting all devices connected to your line, besides the dialup modem. This is referred to as an "Isolation test" and ensures that other devices are not interfering with the signal that the modem sends and receives.
  2. There are also some timeout options that appear in windows that will disconnect your modem after 20 minutes of inactivity. Try disabling these.
  3. Failing all of this, please review our "56k Dropouts Guide" in the "Downloads" section or the following web site:

Can I check how much data I've used on my SpinTel dialup account?

Yes you can. Go to our website and log into "My Account" using your dialup username and password. Simply click on the "Check My Internet Usage" link on the right, to check the amount of data you have used.

Can I have multiple computers using the same dialup internet connection?

While you can create and use the same dialup account on multiple computers, you can't use them simultaneously. If you wish to use the same dialup connection on numerous computers, you can setup what is called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). This isn't something that SpinTel is trained to assist with however. If this is something you wish to setup, you will either need to search Microsoft's website for assistance or contact an IT technician.

Can I have multiple dialup accounts with different providers?

Can I use my SpinTel dialup account anywhere in Australia?

Yes, you can. Our National dialup number is 0198 333 873. This is a local call for more than 95% of Australia. However if you are not based in a metropolitan area we recommend you call your Telco or Telstra on 1300 362 162 to check charges from your number.

I'm getting an error message when I try to connect to dialup, what does it mean?

If you are getting errors when trying to connect to dialup, try retyping your username and password and then try again.

  1. If this still fails, try rebooting your computer and modem (if external) and try once again.
  2. Recreating your dialup connection can often be helpful in these situations.
  3. Should none of these suggestions resolve your issue, you can refer to the following site, which contains helpful information on dialup error codes:

I want to use my ADSL and my backup dialup at the same time

We provide you with a "backup" dialup service in the event that your ADSL service is unavailable. This cannot be used simultaneously with your broadband as it uses the same username and password details. If you wish to use this dialup service, please disconnect your ADSL.


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