Technical Support

Email - Thunderbird 3 Setup

Step 1

Click on Tools and select Account Settings.


Step 2

Click on Account Actions in the bottom left hand corner of the window, choose Add Mail Account


Step 3

Fill in the appropriate details and check Remember Password. Click Continue


Step 4

The program will try and configure the details automatically, click on the button that says Stop or Edit.


Step 5

Make sure the details are as follows:
Username: The first part of your e-mail address, without the
Incoming mail server is: , POP, Port 110, None
Outgoing mail server is: , SMTP, Port 25, None

Then click on Manual Setup


Step 6

Click on Server Settings and ensure the details are correct.

Make sure the settings are as follows:
Server name:
Username: First part of your e-mail address
Port: 110
Connection security: None


Step 7

Click on Outgoing Server. Ensure details are correct and that it says (Default). If it does not, select the account and click Set Default.
Server name:
Port: 25
Connection Security: None
User Name: First part of your e-mail address


Step 8
Double click on the account and ensure details are as follows:


Step 9
Click on OK and you should reach the start page,

Congratulations, you have successfully setup your email address