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Why Is My Order 'on-hold'?

Sometimes your order may need to be placed into held until a specific issue can be resolved.

When your order is placed into held we will notify you immediately by email and SMS. We’ll also organise for someone to call you to discuss your options.

Generally an order is placed into held when there is an infrastructure shortfall, however there are a few other reasons your order may be placed on hold, these are usually as follows.


Affected Services


Time Frame

Infrastructure Delay


Your premises is not directly connected to telephony infrastructure and field work is required.

0-6 Months, occasionally longer

Lead In Delay (Customer)


The lead-in cable at your premises is not ready or not suitable to be connected to external infrastructure.

Until issue is resolved

Missed Appointment


If you miss a pre-arranged appointment your order will be placed on hold until we can negotiate a new appointment with you.

5 Days, or until a new appointment is negotiated

ADSL Port Availability


The Exchange or Sub-Exchange your phone line is connected to does not have available ADSL ports.

0-1 Months, occasionally longer

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Infrastructure Delay (Telstra)

Telephony infrastructure runs through several points from your local telephone exchange to your premises. Occasionally the provider equipment is incomplete, or requires an upgrade, when this happens field work may be required to resolve the infrastructure shortfall. This is more commonly seen in new developments. Infrastructure shortfalls are generally diagnosed during a site appointment, if the technician is unable to connect your phone they will communicate this with you, we will update you later with the progress of your build.

Infrastructure shortages can take anywhere from a week, to 6 months or more to resolve, depending on the size of the build.

Lead In Delay (Customer)

Your lead-in cable runs through an underground conduit that connects your premises to external infrastructure. The trenching that this conduit runs through is your responsibility, from the property entry point (generally your property border, or fence) to the building entry point. We will provide any support we can through this process, although you will need to organise the lead-in work, as such the time required to resolve a lead-in issue varies.

The diagram below shows a common way in which a connection is made.

Customer Lead In

Missed Appointment

If you miss an appointment for any reason we will contact you before rescheduling to a new date. When miss too many appointments your order may be terminated, so if you are unable to meet a previously arranged appointment it's important to let us know as soon as possible.

We require about 5 days notice to reschedule your appointment, the sooner you contact us to reschedule it, the sooner we can proceed with your connection.

ADSL Port Availability

Sometimes when you place your order we may not be able to immediately secure a port. If this happens we will notify you immediately, and place you in a port waiting queue.

When you are placed into the port waiting queue we will call you to discuss your options.

Time frames vary for port waiting lists, generally customers are connected within a month, however this may sometimes take longer.



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