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Why Does My Number Transfer Failed?

This usually occurs when the details provided during activation doesn't match from your current provider or the number might have been temporarily suspended/disconnected perhaps.  
Please check with your current provider and if you have the correct details, then, simply log in to My Account, and re-submit the activation transferring a number to SpinTel.

Why has my number transfer failed?

► An incorrect billing type has been provided during the activation process;  
You're probably Prepaid, if you pay your plan upfront, however if you pay a month to month bill, you're probably on a Postpaid plan. Please call your existing provider to confirm what type of service you have from them.
► Another reason for the failed transfer is because the account number you’ve provided to us may be incorrect. You can check your latest bill for your correct account number or contact your existing provider for assistance.
► The Date of Birth you’ve given us may be incorrect. Please make sure you are the authorized account holder and a correct date of birth registered from your existing provider.
► The mobile number you wish to transfer may have been cancelled, disconnected or you may have accidentally given us the wrong mobile number.

Note: We can only transfer your number if your service is active.

What happens once the transfer request has been re-submitted?

We will re-submit the transfer request. Most transfers such as Telstra, Voda Phone or Belong Mobile are completed within four hours, however, transfers from Optus, Amaysim, Virgin Mobile or TPG can take up to 3 business days. During the transfer, you can continue to use your current provider's SIM.

I no longer want to transfer my number, can I activate it with a new number?

Yes! If you no longer wish to transfer your number and want to select a new number instead, simply check this article below and start activating it with a new number.
New Number Sim Activation


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