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No Authentication (Radius Timeout)

Modem has line sync but is unable to authenticate/login. This is indicated on most modems with an Internet/PPP light blinking or staying turned off.

These troubleshooting steps should be undertaken in order to resolve the issue:

Firstly we need to confirm the phone service is operating correctly. If the phone is not behaving correctly this needs to be investigated first:

  1. Check for a clear dial tone.
  2. Check for any noise present on the telephone line (static/crackling/buzzing etc.)
  3. Confirm the correct number is on the line by performing a CLI check. Do this by dialing the following numbers and recording the results – one of which should result in your telephone number.
  4. 127 22 123:
  5. 1800 652 456:

                                 i.    Note: If one of the above numbers result in a telephone number that is not your number – please contact our Technical Support team on 1300 303 375 for further investigation.

  1. Confirm the modem is receiving line sync. This is represented by a solid ADSL/DSL light on the modem.
  2. Power cycle your ADSL modem. This involves removing the power for 30 seconds and turning the device back on. Allow 1-2minutes for the modem to stabilise and check for a change in the Internet/PPP light.
  3. Perform an isolation test. This involves removing any devices including telephone handsets, fax machines, Foxtel Digital, back to base alarm systems, filters/splitters etc. from your telephone line.
  4. Once this is done plug in your modem directly to a telephone socket allow 1-2 minutes to pass and check for any change in the Internet/PPP light.
  5. If there is still no change, replace the phone line cable in use by the modem with another as short as possible phone line cable. Re-check the status of the Internet/PPP light.
  6. If the light does not return, you will need to login to your modem and confirm that the modem has been setup correctly. Please note that the steps on this will change from modem to modem. Guides for configuring SpinTel supplied modems can be found within our support section.
  7. If the issue continues after reconfiguring your modem please repeat steps 2-7 using an alternate modem.

Should you still experience problems after following the troubleshooting in this guide, please contact our Technical Support team on 1300 303 375.


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