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Phone FAQ

How do I activate various phone features?

You can activate phone features such as Voice Mail, Call Control or Caller ID through the My Account section of our website. Log in using your administrative username and password and select the Configure Service link for the service you wish to change. You can also contact us directly on 1300 303 375 and we will request the activation of the features for you. More information about phone features can be found in the Additional Features section of the Home Phone product page.

What is the call quality like?

There is no change to the call quality once you switch over to a SpinTel home phone service. We use the same PSTN copper wire network that you have always used for your landline phone service.

Can you provide me with more than one phone line?

If you would like a second phone number connected to your premises, we can organize this for you for a fee. There are also options to add an additional phone number to your existing line without using a second physical line. Please refer to the Home Phone section of our website for more information.

How long will it take to switch over to a SpinTel home phone service?

If you have an existing landline telephone service with another provider, switching over to a SpinTel home phone service should normally take approximately 2-3 working days.

Will my Home Phone service be on a contract?

If you sign up for a standalone home phone service only, there will be no contract involved. If you bundle your phone with another service, such as a broadband DSL connection, then the home phone service will be subject to the same contract terms as the DSL service.

I am renting a handset from Telstra. Will I now be paying for that?

In order to remove this charge you will need to return the handset to a Telstra Shop. You will be provided with a reference number, which you will need to pass on to our customer service team. We will then contact Telstra on your behalf to have the charge removed from your monthly bill.

Can I keep my fax duet?

Yes, we can provide complex services such as Fax Duet. However, you will need to advise our customer service representative about this requirement when requesting the phone service connection.

Is your home phone service available everywhere in Australia?

Yes. If Telstra is able to provide you with a phone service, then you will be able to connect a phone service through SpinTel.

Will I need to notify my current provider about switching my phone service over to SpinTel?

It is advisable to notify your previous provider that you have changed your service over to another company. While they will eventually notice you have switched, most providers require a written notice that you have moved away from them in order to stop billing you. Please contact your previous provider once the switch to SpinTel has been completed to avoid any further unnecessary charges from them.

What benefits do I receive if I bundle my SpinTel services?

SpinTel is famous for our bundles! If you choose to bundle your home phone with any of our Internet services, you will receive a great discount off your monthly broadband plan, resulting in the best value for money. For more information on the benefits of bundling, give our sales team a call on 13 22 10.

If I transfer my phone service over to SpinTel, can I keep my current phone number?

If you are simply moving your phone service from another provider to SpinTel, then you should be able to keep your old number.

What if I move house?

If your new address connects to the same exchange as your previous address, you will be able to keep your old telephone number. If the new address utilises a different exchange, then unfortunately this will not be possible.

I'm getting nuisance calls. What can I do?

In most cases, the best and easiest solution is to change your phone number. We can do this free of charge, if it’s due to unwelcome calls, provided you add the "silent number" service to your line. If you don't wish to change your phone number, we can request our wholesaler to perform a number trace. The trace is not guaranteed to return a positive result, as calls can only be successfully traced, if they are made from another privately owned landline phone service. If the caller is making calls from a public phone, certain types of mobile phones, or some types of business services, we will not be able to trace the phone number.

We also recommend you sign up to the "Do not call register" by visiting:

I would like to change my phone plan. How can I do this?

This can be done through the My Account section of our website. Log in using your administrative username and password and select your phone service to change plans. This change will take effect from the start of the following calendar month.

Where can I find a guide on how to use my phone features?

Guides specific to your phone service are available within the My Account section of our website under the Services heading.


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