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Frequently Asked Questions (Mobile Broadband)

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Can the SpinTel mobile broadband modem be used to access services from another provider?

Yes, it can. When you purchase a mobile broadband modem from SpinTel, you can use it with any compatible service in Australia or overseas.

Which carrier network is used to provide SpinTel mobile broadband services?

SpinTel mobile broadband services use Optus mobile network.

How much coverage is available with SpinTel mobile broadband services?

Currently, our wholesaler’s (Optus) network is covering 96% of Australia, and this coverage continues to increase. Optus expects to expand its network to cover 99% of Australian population in the next few years. To view our coverage maps, please click here.

However, residing in the coverage zone does not automatically guarantee service availability, as it depends on many other factors.

What speeds can I expect with SpinTel mobile broadband connection?

SpinTel’s 3G/HSPA network is capable of download speeds of up to 7.2 Megabits per second. However, in reality, customers can expect speeds of between 2 and 2.5 Megabits per second, with burst speeds of up to 7.2 Megabits per second. Actual speeds may vary and may be lower.

There are several factors that may affect speeds, such as the distance from the mobile phone tower, the capacity and load on the mobile phone tower, the network currently in selection (GSM, 3G/HSPA), the customer’s hardware and software, the source of download / upload, and the general internet traffic. Furthermore, the service is subject to network availability.

Are there any extra features that are included with this service?

  • Free spam and virus filtering
  • Our spam filters and virus filters will reduce the amount of known spam reaching your inbox
  • 12 free mailboxes
  • Give everyone in your family their own Comcen email account
  • Use up to 50MB of personal webspace to build your own online presence.
  • Free email and phone support
  • SpinTel is here 7 days a week to help you should you have any technical support issues.
  • Free webmail
  • Access your Email account from anywhere in the world with a web browser via our easy to use Webmail system.

If I don't use my allocated data download limit in one month, does it roll over?

No, it does not. Unused data download allowances cannot be rolled over.

Is SMS feature available with SpinTel mobile broadband service?

Yes, it is. SpinTel mobile broadband service has SMS feature activated by default. The cost of sending an SMS is 25 cents per 160-character message.

What happens if I use more than my allocated monthly data download allowance?

Once your monthly data download limit is exceeded, you will be charged an additional cost of the excess data download at the rate determined by your mobile broadband plan. The details of your excess charges can be found on our plans page.

Can I use the SIM card from the mobile broadband modem in my mobile phone?

If your mobile phone handset is compatible with the mobile broadband Internet, you will be able to use your mobile broadband modem SIM in your phone in the same way as you would in your computer. You will also be able to send and receive SMS from your phone (these are charged at the applicable rates depending on your mobile broadband plan).

However, SpinTel does not provide technical support for this mode of operation.

I have my own mobile broadband modem. Can I use it with SpinTel mobile broadband service?

It may be possible to use your old mobile broadband modem with SpinTel service. However, to ensure the modem is compatible with our service, please advise our technical support team of the brand and model, and whether the modem is locked to another carrier network.

I am receiving a PUK code message on my device / handset. What do I do?

If you have incorrectly entered your pin number three times in a row, your device / handset may display the "Please enter your PUK code" message. To obtain your PUK code, please contact our technical support team on 1300 303 375, and they will provide the code over the phone. If you incorrectly enter the PUK code ten times in a row, your device / handset may be locked.



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