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Account Change Of Ownership


You should already have a basic understanding of what a change of ownership is, but just in case;

  • Customer advises sale of the business and transfer the account/services to another company, person or entity.
  • A customer (perhaps renting) move to a new address and wants to hand over control of their account to their housemate.
  • A customer passes away and the account ownership needs to be updated
  • Customer requests to change the billing name to another person or entity
  • And various other scenarios

There is no requirement for a change of ownership if the account holder has a 'change of name' - i.e. to a married name, or if there is an error with their name on their account. Send a ticket to Credits team together with the customer legal documentation or a valid ID.

What to do

Online Change of Ownership - Let the customer process change of ownership online wherein they can complete the online form and submit for processing. Our COO process is automated and we should be directing all existing customers to the online form via the link.

Manual Change of Ownership - If it can't be avoided to manually send the form to the customer, do the instructions below. Note that this should be the last resort which requires approval from your team lead before it will be forwarded to credits team.

  1. Request to Tickets department or your team lead to send the COO form via Kayako and let the customer supply the necessary information.SpinTel_Change_of_Ownership_Form(1).pdf
  2.  Once the customer supplied the details needed then it will be forwarded automatically to credits team for processing of COO.
  3. The customer needs to reply to the email with an image or scanned copy of the form. They may fax the form back to SpinTel. The form is then forwarded to and it will then be processed manually.



A $59 charge(per phone service) applies if the change of ownership involves a Telstra or Optus copper phone service. Every other change has a $29 charge. This fee, however, is waived in the case of deceased account holders.

Change over dates

For Mobile services the change over will take place on the 1st of the month (billing period) Example if the form states to do the change over on 15/09 I can only do the change over on the 01/10. Every other service type can be transferred on any given date


Tips & Warnings

  • Processing fees apply and the form will advise you what these will cost (can also be found in our T&C)
  • Any linked hardware will also be moved with the transfer of ownership


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