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Payment Arrangement

Hardship may arise in the following circumstances

  • Loss of employment of the customer or family member;
  • Family breakdown;
  • Illness, including physical incapacity, hospitalisation, or mental illness of the customer or family member;
  • A death in the family; or
  • Other factors resulting in unforeseen change in the customer’s capacity to meet their payment obligations, whether through a reduction in income or through an increase in non-discretionary expenditure.
Documents that may be accepted as proof

  • Doctors Certificate or an Impact Statement describing the disability (e.g. not able to work for health reasons)
  • Separation Certificate (if unemployed)
  • Signed letter by a J.P. explaining the customer's financial position
  • Evidence of Income & Expenses (Payslips & Expense Record sheet)
  • Death Certificate (for a death in the family)
  • Bankruptcy documents (This refers to companies that are no longer trading)
  • Trustee & Guardianship
What documents are not accepted

  • Pensioner Cards
  • Just a letter by the customer saying they are suffering hardship and signed by the account holder
  • Old or out of date documents
  • Old / out of date Bank Statements
  • Old / out of date Payslips (we need current past 2 weeks)
  • No documents that are not the account holder’s

How to add the arrangement

  1. Click on "Arrangement" link.
  2. Set the Arrangement Conditions


  • The customer received a large bill and is not able to pay it on the due date. Use "Payment Extension" if a customer wants to just defer the payment.

Active Accounts What to do

  1. Probe financial hardship issue and determine whether the financial issue is short term or long term (offer payment extension if short term)
  2. Explain SpinTel financial hardship policy and the requirements
  3. Provide other options for the customer/explore other options for the customer to pay the obligation e.g. other source of funds etc.
  4. Check customer's service and see if there is a portion that can be dropped, features that can be disabled, or if the plan can be downgraded to the minimum plans to help customer reduce the bills
  5. Discuss the possible arrangement with the customer.
  6. Send the Financial Hardship Policy email to the customer which includes the requested arrangement (see below) - this is in the ticket macros

    Payment Arrangement Total Amount:

    Payment Arrangement Term:

    Re-Payment Cycle:

    Initial Start Date:

  7. Advise the customer to reply with the required proof if any.
  8. Advise the customer that the request is subject to the approval of the Finance Team
  9. Response time may take up to 2 working days from receipt of the proof of hardship
  10. If payment arrangement request has been approved by credits team, add the arrangement in station.

No Active Services What to do

  1. Reps can grant three months payment arrangement only without asking for team lead's approval, except for accounts that are on D&B status.
  2. Arrangement requests of more than three months for accounts that are not yet on D&B must be approved by Credit. Reps can ask their leads to get Credit's approval via Lync or create a ticket.

Accounts under D&B What to do

  1. If the account status is set to D&B and the customer requests for a payment arrangement, reps must create a ticket to Credit for approval of a permanent payment extension (this is to be manually done by Credit).

VEDA Account What to do

  1. The customer will be allowed to make partial payments using our banking details. The account holder will be noted of the payment when it is cleared. VEDA will be marked paid when the whole outstanding amount is paid.


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