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When To Bypass Standard End Of Bill Cycle And ETF


Deceased Account Holder

  • Death certificate of the account holder
Mentally ill/Unstable or Terminally ill
  • Doctors certificate
House Involved in Fire
  • Any proof/document i.e. police report
Natural Disaster
  • Validate through media reports, Google feeds
Internal Error/Misinformed
  • Validate customers claim by checking previous issues/listen to the previous calls and lodge feedback appropriately.
  • Educate customer the correct process or information and try to negotiate with the customer.
  • Accounts with an active TIO ticket then, the call should be transferred to a TIO officer.
  • On the other hand, if the TIO ticket has been closed and the TIO officer failed to process the promised resolution then CRD should process the normal closure and raise a dispute afterward. Raise feedback to the TIO officer who failed to process the resolution promised to the customer.
Newly Activated WBB Service

Applicable to newly activated WBB only and must be within 14 days.


  • Customer calls within 14 days from the activation date due to unsatisfied service.

What to do? 

  1. Process an immediate closure on the account however don't bypass ETF and clawback until modem is confirmed returned via Warranty Return (RA) - Hardware Return Only - 14 Day Wireless Trial

    Key Points to remember:
    Representative should follow up if the customer returns the package prior to editing closure and waiving ETF/clawback.
    • If the package returned after completion of closure created, then the representative should submit an adjustment.

  2. Advise the customer that SpinTel will only refund the amount paid during point of sale or any amount paid in advance from his/her monthly plan.
  3. Advise customer to return the modem back to SpinTel however customers should shoulder the return postage fee.


Important: If the customer able to provide the proof of documentation immediately or during CRDs’ phone call then CRD should process closure bypassing standard end of bill cycle closure date and ETF but if customer does not have yet the proof of documentation then the representative should process a normal closure for the meantime, and once documents validated then edit the closure bypassing standard end of bill cycle closure date and ETF.


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