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Milton Graham (Formerly Known As Dun & Bradstreet D&B)

We have three parts to our credit management

  • Internal (We try and recover funds internally automatically via our collections process  SEE (Collections Flowchart)
  • Equifax (formerly known as Veda) (Credit file management. SpinTel's Credit department can see/add/delete and amend customers credit listing done by SpinTel).
  • Milton Graham (formally known as Dunn & Bradstreet)  (An agency we use to recover funds on our behalf)


Milton Graham is the collections agency SpinTel uses to try and recover debts on our behalf. 

Milton Graham follows a rigorous process of calls, letters and other ways to attempt collection of these outstanding debts.

Any debts in which Milton Graham are successful in collecting are charged an additional 10% of the total amount as “commission” by Milton Graham


  • Customer calls to make a payment through us rather than the collections agency.

What to do

  1. Confirm if the account has been sent to the collections agency from main customer screen on Station.

    A Note will also be left under the notes section by the Credit Team

  2. Advise the customer that Milton Graham will charge them an additional 10% as a charge as collection agency's "commission" on top of the current overdue debt that will show on the invoice.

  3. Send ticket to the Credit department after processing a payment so that Milton Graham can update and close the file. At this point, both Spintel & Milton Graham stop chasing the customer as outstanding debt have been recovered and paid


Who does the customer pay if the debt has been sent to Milton Graham?
  • If the account is marked as “With External Collection” – or “DNB” and there is an amount outstanding on the account, we can collect payment on the spot including the 10% commission of the full balance owing. Once payment is collected a ticket should be raised to the credit department confirming payment received and to update Milton Graham. If we have taken the payment at this stage, a ticket to credit must be raised confirming customer payment and to close the file with Milton Graham

The customer wishes to only speak to SpinTel and refuses to call Milton Graham to discuss their aged debt, is this possible?
  • Yes, this is possible. CRD can process the payment over the phone.

Can we waive Milton Graham commission charges?
  • It is preferred that we collect this commission as we have to pay Milton Graham for their services, however, there will be cases where we will waive it so we can collect payment of the debt and consider the matter as paid and we can close the file with Milton Graham. Please use your own judgement here and consider the commission amount that we are agreeing to waive. Example if the commission amount is $2, just collect the debt owing. If the commission is $20 then we should not be waiving it and best in this case to seek approval from Credit team or your Team Lead

I have a question which is not answered in this F.A.Q., what do I do?
  • Please follow the same mentioned process above of speaking to your Team Leader. If you are a Team Leader, please contact the Credit team by phone or email. The F.A.Q. will continually improve with your help.


If the customer wishes to contact Milton Graham, please provide them with:

If the customer wants to make a payment to Milton Graham direct, provide this link

This is another link with more options if the customer wants to deal with Milton Graham direct


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