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Understanding Collection Process Steps


Step 1: SMS + Email Reminder

The SMS and Email messages sent out to the customer will show in the correspondence history.

SMS: “Hi, your account is overdue. Balance, $219.45. Services will be suspended within 24 hours. To avoid this call 1300 899 449 (automated) to make a credit card payment. 1300 303 375.”

Step 2 & 3: Posted Payment Reminder & Automated Reminder Call

To see the message sent out to the customer, check Event Log.

Step 4:  Restrict ADSL; Email Pending Suspension

This supsension email can be seen in the Correspondence History.

Step 5 & 6: All Services Suspended; Disconnection Notice Posted and Final Reminder Call

At this point of the collections process, customers MUST pay the full amount before the suspension can be lifted. If the customer wants to make a partial payment, we can process it but services will stay in suspended status until full payment is processed. However, if customer pays a reasonable amount and request for unsuspension, it can be consulted from Sydney through a team lead (e.g. debt is $115 and customer pays $100 and requests for unsuspension). Payment history of the customer though must always be checked as this will aid on deciding whether to make an exception for the customer or not.

The notice posted to the customer can be seen in Event Logs.

Step 7: Services Cancelled/ETF Charged

This is when the closure is automatically submitted by the system. Services are closed the next working day. That means at this point if the customer calls up to make a payment and request reconnection, reps must check if services still has the codes. If the codes are still available, closure can still be withdrawn and services will continue as normal. To restore the service properly, reps must consult the team lead so the lead can ping the prov team to confirm if a cease order has already been sent to the wholesaler. If cease order has already been sent to the wholesaler, usually prov team will advise to call the wholesaler to check if the cease order can still be cancelled. However, if the  code is no longer available, customer needs to re-sign up with sales.  

Customer must be advised of the ETFs, if any and the reconnection charges, as well as the unavailability of the plan if the customer’s plan is no longer being offered. The customer must agree to pay these fees prior to the re-sign up. If the customer does not want to pay the ETF but would want the contract from the previous service added to the new contract, it can be consulted from Sydney through a team lead.

Step 8: Debt Submitted to D&B

See: Recovering Debt Milton Graham (Formerly known as Dun & Bradstreet D&B)

Step 9 & 10: Posted Default Notice & Credit Default Added/Balance Written Off

See: Default Notice / Balance Written Off - Equifax (Formerly known as Veda Advantage)


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