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Missing Or Unapplied Payment

General Rule

There will be cases when a customer has made a payment manually through a bank deposit or other modes which will not be reflected in their account. This will serve as a guide on what steps to follow.

Things to check

Check Unapplied Account

To view unapplied payments please follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm with the customer the date, time, exact amount and transaction/reference number that they made the payment.
  2. Visit
  3. Check to see if the unapplied payment is on this page.
  4. If the payment is located in the unapplied payments account, follow these steps:
  • Create a ticket to credit from within the customer account who has the missing payment (not in the unapplied account else this will be rejected) in credit. Include the following details in the ticket:

Subject of Email: Apply Payment

Required Information:

    • ID (customer account number)
    • Method (how the payment was made)
    • Amount (exact amount)
    • The ticket will be handled and an update will be available in 2 working days.
Check if account belongs to a Group

Some accounts may be link to another account and instead of merging several services into one account we put them in Group, you can identify these type of account if you see a Group option in the Overview

Sometimes, the customer may have made a payment to another account in the group so check each account and validate if payment was made.

Still can't find the payment?

If the payment is NOT located in either unapplied payments account or Group, follow these steps:

  • Ask the customer for the details (date, time, amount, and reference/transaction number)
    • If EFT - confirm to what payment details
    • If BPAY - ask for the Biller code and Reference #
    • If Cheque - Name to whom the payment was made to, where it was posted and confirm if the cheque has been bank(if yes confirm when it was banked)
    • If CC - confirm how the payment was made, phone or online
  • Ask for documentation (receipt)
  • Set a deadline for the customer to provide the documentation (1-2 working days)
  • Send an email to the customer to respond to with the document and this will in turn be assigned to credit when received with your lead alerted of the customer response.
  • If service is suspended, request from lead to remove suspension of the service then apply payment suspension to prevent disconnection. Time frame will be within allotted deadline.
  • If service is active, request from lead to place payment suspension within allotted deadline.


Always educate the customer of the accepted mode of payments and correct process when making manual payments to the bank to prevent these payment issues. Promote self-help options online.


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