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Assorted Prov Info - Ref T1 Man (WIP)

Rejection Reasons and Call Handling

This section contains a number of commonly encountered order rejection reasons. Explanation is given for each reason followed by a description of the process that you must undertake in relation to advising the customer. The process consists of the following two steps:

Reason:  During this step you must advise the customer why we are unable to complete their service order. This information is clearly specified in the Callback section of the customer account. You must be clear and simplify the issue so that it can be easily understood by anyone not familiar with the telecommunication technology. Do not use jargon that will confuse the customer.

Using analogies may help with explanations.

Solution: Identify possible causes of the problem and find the solution. The solution can be selling the customer another product that meets their needs or advising the customer to check their phone line before contacting SpinTel again.

Please also see examples of call scripts for handling order rejections in Appendix E at the end of this handbook.

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Phone Connection Related Rejections

CSN –Not Active (Customer Service Number not Active)

What it means and what you have to do?


There are a number of possible reasons:

  • Customer could have filled out the online application incorrectly.
  • Sales representative has taken the phone number down incorrectly.
  • Customer may have just moved in and doesn’t have the phone connected yet.
  • The phone number has just been connected by Telstra and is not in the database yet.


  • Confirm phone number and address and make sure they are recorded correctly. Also, ensure that the area code is correct: 02 for NSW, 03 for VIC and TAS, 07 for QLD, 08 for WA, SA and NT.
  •  If the customer has made an error on the application form, update the details and resubmit the application so our ordering department can provision the service.
  • If the phone line hasn’t been connected yet, submit an application for a phone line connection. The cost of the connection will vary between $59 and $299, depending on the amount of work required.
  • Set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

Number or Address not Found

What it means and what you have to do?


There are a number of possible reasons:

  • Customer could have filled out the online application incorrectly.
  • Sales representative could have taken the phone number down incorrectly.
  • The customer’s previous address could have been connected under a different listing; sometimes Telstra has different records.
  • The customer’s premises could have been known under a different address before; the address could have been changed recently by the local council.


  • First, confirm the customer’s phone number and address details are correct (as described in the previous scenario).
  • If all details are correct and the phone line had been connected before the customer moved in, ask the customer what the previous phone number was; if they don’t know, they can find it out from their real estate agent.
  • Perform a CLI check. A CLI check is carried out by asking the customer to plug a handset into the socket and dial 127 22 123; it will play back a recorded message with the previous phone number connected to the premises. Then we can identify the line and get it connected.
  • If this fails, then a new phone line will need to be connected at the cost of $299, as the property has never had an inplace connection or the previous inplace connection is no longer intact.
  • Set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

Connect Outstanding

What it means and what you have to do?


Connect Outstanding is an industry code developed by ACIF to ensure that people’s phone lines are not wrongly disconnected.

For example, if someone wants to connect the phone after moving into a new rental property, but the previous tenant didn’t disconnect their phone, the Connect Outstanding process is used to bypass this.

As we don’t own the existing line at the premises, we can’t do anything to disconnect it ourselves.


  • Request from the customer a proof of residency at the address where they want to connect a phone line; this makes it possible for the existing line at the premises to be disconnected.
  • Once we sight the proof of occupancy, we inform Telstra they can proceed with completing our customer’s connection order. Telstra will (as a mediator) notify the current phone service provider at the address about the new connection request. The provider then has two business days to respond to Telstra confirming or denying their customer has moved from the address. If the provider confirms the customer has moved, the line is disconnected and our customer’s connection goes ahead. If their customer hasn’t moved, our customer may have given us incorrect address details.

TWA (Telstra Wholesale Account Number)

What it means and what you have to do?


In order for us to transfer the phone number and set up an ADSL or ADSL 2+ Internet service simultaneously, with no downtime for the customer, we need the customer’s TWA (Telstra Wholesale Account) number.


  • The TWA number can be found at the top of the customer’s bill and normally starts with ‘2000’.
  • If the customer’s phone service is not with Telstra, we send a request to their provider to provide us with the customer’s wholesale account number..
  • Once we receive the TWA number, set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

No Ports for ADSL/ADSL 2+ (Telstra)

What it means and what you have to do?


There are no available ports at the exchange.


  • Offer an alternative product such as ADSL or 3G.
  • Alternatively, we can resubmit the order to Telstra.
  • If the customer wants to take up an alternative service, fill out a new application form.
  • If the customer wants to resubmit the order, set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

No Ports for ADSL 2+ (Optus)

What it means and what you have to do?


There are no available ports at the exchange.


  • We can test for available ports daily through an automated system.
  • Advise the customer that a port can sometimes become available the following day, but it could be a week or a year – a definite time frame cannot be specified. Usually a port becomes available within a couple of weeks, but we cannot give the customer any guarantees.
  • Set service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add notes to the order advising that the customer would like to be on the port waiting list.

Exchange not Enabled

What it means and what you have to do?


This occurs when a customer wants to get an ADSL 2+ (OPTUS) service, but the exchange doesn’t have any Optus DSLAMS.


  • Offer customer ADSL2+ Extended range, which is using Telstra hardware.
  • Submit an application for the plan the customer selects.


What it means and what you have to do?


Transmission loss, meaning the physical line is too far away from the exchange to receive a signal strong enough to support the service, irrespective of the provider.


  • Offer a 3G service, as this would be their only option.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

PGS/RIM (Pair Gains System or Rim)

What it means and what you have to do?


PGS is a system installed by Telstra at the exchange and it cannot be changed by request. This can affect either just the ADSL2+ service or both ADSL1 and ADSL2.


  • If PGS/RIM affects only ADSL 2+ speeds, offer the customer an ADSL1 plan.
  • If PGS/RIM also affects ADSL1, we can try to do transposition; it means we look at what can be moved or changed around to get the connection. You may also see this as an alternative path check.
  • If the above doesn’t solve the problem, offer the customer a 3G service.
  • Set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • If the customer wants to try transposition, add appropriate notes to the order.

Rejection Due to Other Reasons

More Information Required

What it means and what you have to do?


Provisioning has tried to submit a credit check, but didn’t have enough information to access the customer’s credit file.


  • Ask the customer to send in a copy of a photo ID (drivers licence or passport). They can either email a scanned image to, or they can fax a copy to 1300 300 374.
  • Once we receive a copy of the ID, set the service status to ‘Unprovisioned’.
  • Add appropriate notes to the order.

Equifax (formerly Known as Veda) Fail or Credit Check Failure

What it means and what you have to do?


Customer did not pass our credit checking procedure. This is either because they have an unfavourable credit file, or due to bad payment history with SpinTel.

Essentially, the customer has been identified as a credit risk to our company, and we will not be proceeding with their order.

These customers occasionally call and want more information. You can advise them that they didn't pass our credit checking procedure. If they wish, they can request a copy of their credit file from Veda Advantage.

APPENDIX A: Frequently Asked Questions for SpinTel Provisioning

    1.1.     How do I tell if a customer has to be at home for a technician appointment?

Once the appointment date is confirmed with our wholesaler, the customer receives notifications via Email and SMS. The notifications advise the customer of the appointment date and timeslot, as well as whether the customer needs to be onsite for the appointment. The notifications are sent one to three business days before the appointment date (for Optus relocation appointments the notifications are sent three to five business days in advance). Check the most recent emails sent by SpinTel to the customer by viewing the correspondence history on the customer’s account.

  1. 2.     How do I reschedule a technician appointment?

If the booked appointment date does not suite the customer, we need to reschedule the appointment at a later date. We always book the first available appointment; therefore it is not possible to request an earlier date. Ask the customer to nominate three dates and timeslots that suit them and then contact Provisioning at to reschedule the appointment.

  1. 3.     Can a customer pick up their hardware today?

In most cases this is fine; however, before you advise the customer, Provisioning must ensure we have the required hardware in stock. We also need to make sure the hardware has not already been sent to the customer. A provisioning representative can check this for you. It’s best to book hardware pickups in the afternoon (3pm-5pm) as this is when our devices are configured. Please contact Provisioning at for assistance.

  1. 4.     What is a transposition order?

A transposition order is a manual ADSL order that involves attempts to connect the ADSL service for a customer when a direct connection to ADSL network is not possible due to infrastructure issues. These orders often take more than three to five working days to complete while further checks are undertaken or an alternative path is sought.

  1. 5.      Do you have an update on this transposition order?


Once the transposition order is raised by Telstra (within the first few days) it will receive no further updates until it is completed or rejected. These orders are automatically checked by our system every two hours for updates. Once an update is received, the service status will change immediately to either ‘Rejected’ or ‘Completed’. If the order is completed, the customer will be notified immediately by Email and SMS (assuming we have these contact details). If it is rejected, Provisioning will assess the result on the same day and assign a rejection callback for the customer service.

If the customer enquires about their transposition order, simply inform them that the order status is checked every two hours and as soon as we have an update, they will be notified.

If a transposition order to find an ADSL2+ port is in progress, it may be worthwhile advising the customer that we can provide an 8Mbps service without any delays. This can be identified by performing the service qualification check on the customer’s phone number.

  1. 6.     How much will the phone installation cost?

To determine the cost of a phone installation, the following guide can be used:

  • No technician visit required: $59
  • Technician visit required, no cabling work: $125
  • Technician visit required, cabling work needed: $299
  1. 7.     What is a ‘connect outstanding’, and how does a ‘connect outstanding order’ work?

Connect Outstanding is a regulated process for handling a situation where an occupant has moved out of the premises without disconnecting the phone. When the new resident wants to connect the phone line, the existing line must be disconnected first. When we submit a connect outstanding order to Telstra, we also notify the customer by Email and SMS and request they provide a proof of residency at the address before the order can be completed. This proves to us that the customer is the new owner/tenant of the premises or, alternatively, helps us find errors in the customer address.

The order is essentially on hold until such time as we receive sufficient proof of the customer’s residency at the address.  Unless the phone line at the premises is disconnected, the order does not proceed.

Once we inform Telstra that we have verified the customer’s proof of residency, it will proceed with disconnecting the line. This process takes approximately ten working days and can be contested by the current owner of the line (although this is rare).

  1. 8.     Why do some people fail credit checks?

When we perform a credit check through our credit reporting agencies and find that prospective customer has a poor credit history, their service order will likely be rejected.

Rejections are assessed on the case by case basis. When we do reject an order, there is a high probability that the prospective customer would not be viable, as they have credit defaults, court orders against them or are involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

  1. 9.     Why might someone be required to provide more information regarding their proof of income?

If we are unable to assess someone’s credit worthiness through our credit reporting agencies, or if someone has a relatively new credit file (with only a few enquiries), we may request a copy of their ID or a proof of income before proceeding with their service order. Fake credit files can be easily created, which is why we request identification. In some cases a credit file may be matched, however the customer may have some suspicious notes/activity on their file. This is generally when we would request proof of income.


  1. 10.  What should I tell a customer who has been rejected because of a credit check failure?

If a customer is rejected because of a credit check failure, we are simply required to inform them that they “did not meet our credit requirements”. If they seek further information, they should be told to speak directly to the credit reporting agencies:

and/ or

Due to privacy regulations we cannot give customers any details contained in their credit file.

  1. 11.  What is a TWA Number?

A TWA (Telstra Wholesale Account) number is a wholesale ID used by retail telecommunication service providers purchasing services from Telstra. To successfully port (transfer from one carrier to another) a phone number, the customer must provide their TWA number to identify the service provider they are transferring from and to prove that they have ownership of that phone line.

If a customer requests from us their TWA number, they must email their request to

We do not provide these numbers over the phone, as Provisioning needs to verify them first. Due to system changes, these numbers may vary.

This also gives us the opportunity to assess the customer’s worth and come up with a potential retention plan before they transfer their business from us.

  1. 12.  Can you please look at this ticket?

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Of course, just move the ticket into the provisioning queue and one of our team members will review it within two business days. If you need the ticket escalated, please consult your team leader for further information.


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