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Nuisance Calls


  • Customer reports of getting unwelcome calls/nuisance calls, malicious or life threatening calls, or any type of calls of this kind

Things to know first

  • Most nuisance calls will either originate from a telemarketer or robot of some description (e.g. Fax Machine / Alarm system).
  • Nuisance calls with the intention of harassing or threatening a customer are handled differently and may involve a malicious call trace (see the process below)

What to do for nuisance calls

  1. Most nuisance calls will either originate from a telemarketer or robot of some description (e.g. Fax Machine / Alarm system).

    If the customer is able to see the Caller ID of the offending number or find out using the call return features (tabled below) - We would suggest trying to call the number and advise the far end that they are receiving calls from their number. If the calls are coming from a robot then in most cases this will resolve the issue.

    Call Return
    Access Code
    Telstra * 10 #
    Optus * 69
  2. The easiest way to resolve the nuisance calls issue is to change the customer's phone number.

     If a customer opts to change the phone number due to nuisance calls, we can perform this request free of charge. However, the customer must agree to enabling Silent Number on their line.

What to do for Life Threatening Calls

Life Threatening Calls

Any calls in this manner are to be dealt with by the Police by calling 000.


The police will then follow up the matter. They may request then request the enabling of Malicious Call Trace either by asking the customer to contact us or contacting SpinTel directly.


Malicious Call Trace (MCT)

Once the police have taken over the case they may request for this feature to be enabled.


Once MCT has been enabled the police will then be able to contact Telstra directly and obtain any information that they require. SpinTel will not be able to access these records.


Each of our wholesalers have a different process when it comes to activating MCT and are listed below.



Telstra call trace issues are enabled by emailing to  and requesting it be enabled and including the customer's details.



Customers a required to fill in a copy of the Optus Unwelcome Calls Form once completed, they will need to forward a copy of the form to SpinTel and we can then email this to for further investigation.


The following form contains legal guidelines relating to MCT/Threatening calls - Comms Alliance - C525_2010


This knowledgebase contains helpful guides which cover a wide range of topics.


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