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Relocation Request/Enquiry


  • Customer calls for assistance in submitting a relocation request
  • Customer enquires about the relocation process

What to do

For PSTN & ADSL Services:

  1. Read to the customer the relocation terms  and make sure all important details are understood including the relocation cost (if applicable), connection costs, and the disclaimers below:

    (iii) We cannot guarantee retention of features specific to your service and/or the service type (for example, with fixed services ADSL or ADSL2+) or that the service will be available to you at the new location, as this depends solely on available infrastructure and coverage.

     (iv) An early termination fee may apply if you relocate your service and decide to cancel while still under contact due to the fact an identical service is not available to you. All attempts will be made to offer a similar service, however infrastructure at the new address cannot be guaranteed and additional costs may be incurred. Early termination fees for contracted ADSL services are $300 pro-rata and $149 pro-rata for landline services, based on the remaining months of your contract.

     (v) We cannot guarantee the retention of your telephone number, particularly if moving to a different suburb or phone exchange.

     (vi) Value added services such as Voicemail, may not transfer to your new premises automatically, should this be the case, please contact our customer service team, who can arrange for this to be re-added to the line.

     (vii) Connection timeframes vary, depending on service and infrastructure and lead time may take up to 14 working days.

  2. Walk the customer through submitting the relocation request via MyAccount (will be shown at the bottom of thsi page), make sure the customer reads the information in every step of the process.
  3. If the customer is not in front of a computer, submit the request for the customer. Make sure to read the information to the customer in every step of the process. It is extremely important that the address is confirmed before submitting the request as if the wrong address is provided, it would result to incorrect connections or long delays. More detailed instruction on the submission of the relocation request is available here Relocation.
  4. Get the clear agreement of the customer to the relocation terms and submit the request.

For NBN Service:

nbn™ Relocation (NBN Relocation Cost & Process)

All NBN relocations should be processed in My Account.


NBN Relocating to NBN Service


More than 12 months remaining on current contract


Balance of current contract is transferred to the new location

Less than 12 months remaining on current contract


A new 12-month contract for the relocated services at the new location.

No contract renewal

$49 + Early Termination Charges of existing contract

The relocated services will not be under contract.


No contract renewal


The relocated services will not be under contract.

12-month contract Renewal


Customer will enter into a new 12-month contract for the nbn bundle

24-month contract Renewal

$25 credit added to your account.

Customer will enter into a new 24-month contract for the nbn bundle.

Note: If the customer is calling about an existing relocation order, please use the Existing Order Enquiry issue.


How to submit the relocation request

 1.Go to My Account > Click Relocate


2. Enter the new address and click next

3. Select the relocation date ->Provide relevant information to the customer which is displayed under Things To Know.

4. Verify and confirm to the customer the new address (Suffix, Unit number must be validated carefully)

5. Confirm contact details on file and update the billing address if needed on the next screen

6. Confirm Service Type to be relocated, review the costs for relocation, must tick the agree to terms to submit and relocation process is complete

7. After we submit the relocation form, STATION will show closure for the old service and “On Hold”/"Unprovisioned" status for the service that we are relocating

Important: If relocation cannot be processed online CRD should transfer the call to Sales for manual relocation to be processed.


Sales Manual Relocation

Template to used (copied into the order notes)


1. Check preferred connection date for services to be activated at new address. You may need to ask the customer when they will have access to the site.


2. Check preferred disconnection date for current services.


3. Confirm if customer is the owner or tenant as nbn™ may require permission to install equipment at the premises (for FTTP/Fixed Wireless services)


4. Does the customer want to retain their current FNN? They must be in the same exchange area, else a new FNN will be supplied.


5. Confirm relocation charges/contract options with customer as per below table.


6. Update customers billing address if required.


6. Raise closure for old services with the correct disconnection date as advised, ensuring to waive 30 days and ETC. If the customer wishes to retain FNN, do not include the voice service in the closure as it will be disconnected.


7. Copy the following template into the Order notes:




MANUAL RELOCATION (No hardware required)


Date to terminate current ADSL/Phone/NBN service:


Date to provision new NBN Service:


Relocation charge:


New Contract duration:


Is number to be retained: Yes/No


The number to be retained: 


Approval for New Development charge: Yes/No


Permission to install by the owner of premises: Yes/No



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