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Replacement /Loan Modem Process

This page will provide information on the supply of a Replacement Modem to customers.

What is a Replacement Modem?

  • A Replacement modem can be provided to a customer when their existing modem is suspected of being faulty and the customer does not have an alternate modem to use for testing.
  • The Replacement modem can be used as a replacement should their existing modem turn out to be defective.
  • This is provided to the customer to avoid having the customer attempt to secure an alternate modem by purchasing their own or borrowing from a friend which is sometimes not possible.

Important: All steps must be taken in accordance with the Fault Troubleshooting Guidelines. The process below is only to be used if the customer does not have an alternate modem for testing and does not want or can’t source one. 

Before processing a Replacement modem, the customer must agree to the following:

  1. The Replacement  modem will be used to determine if the existing modem is faulty
  2. The Replacement modem is pre-configured and is just plug and play for NBN, WBB and ADSL service.
  3. The retail cost of the modem + postage will be added to the customer's account and will appear on their next invoice

Within Warranty What to do?

  1. Process the loan modem via Warranty Return (RA)
  2. The customer must shoulder the return postage cost of the defective modem to SpinTel using Registered Post within 30 days.
  3. The charge of the modem + postage fee will appear and will be reversed at the same time in their invoice.
  4. If the modem is not returned in 30 days, the modem + postage fee will appear as a valid charge on their invoice.

Outside Warranty What to do?

  1.  For Netcomm NF10WV or NF18ACV, process the loan modem using Add New Hardware and make sure to include Return Bag.

    For Huawei B525 or NL1901, create a Hardware Ticket.

  2. The charge of the modem + postage will be reversed. If they have been charged, the customer will see a credit on their next invoice.
  3. If the loan modem rectifies the issue, the customer may keep it and the modem + postage fee will be applicable.
  4. If loan modem does not rectify the issue/customer wishes to return it, the customer must notify SpinTel via email/phone call to process Warranty Return (RA) - Hardware Return Only - Order Cancellation

Loan Modem Delivery and Return

  • If the modem is sent out before 2 pm, customer will get it the next business day. If after 2 pm, then the day after the next working day.
  • The modem should be delivered to a physical address since the package needs to be signed.
  • The Replacement modem to be sent out to the customer must be of the same brand as the original modem.
  • The modem should be returned in a resalable condition. Resalable condition means the modem should still be like brand new, unscratched and returned in full including all cables.
  • For Outside Warranty, pricing is determined by the retail pricing for the hardware on the SpinTel website.


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