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Phone Additional Features - Add/Remove Price

Phone Additional Features

The main features customers will want to add or remove are ;

  • Voice mail
  • Caller I.D
  • Silent Number

Below is a screenshot from My Account under telephone configure service, very easy for customers and staff to enable from here simply yes or no then click submit.

For a description and additional information on the Value Added Services ( VAS ) please click on the link

For features that are not available via My Account please send an email to provisioning see some of the feature details below

Line Hunt

Line Hunt allows you to purchase additional lines while advertising only one number. As calls are received, they are automatically directed to the next free line. Line Hunt allows you to improve your customer service, by directing calls to the appropriate department, and ensuring they are answered promptly.

There are two types of Line Hunt options:

  • Call Circulate - incoming calls are received first on your nominated line. When that line is busy, calls are automatically directed to next available.
  • Call Share - incoming calls are equally distributed across every line in the group.

Line Hunt is charged at $3.55 per month per line in addition to the normal line rental charges.

There is also a once off initial connection charge of $46.20. Changes or additions to an existing Line Hunt group are charged at $46.20 each.

For any questions or changes please email provisioning

Make sure to advise the primary number and the auxiliary numbers

Call Control

Call Control allows you to restrict the types of calls made from your home or company phone. You can choose to bar outgoing STD, international, 190, or local numbers (Reverse Charge calls can still be accepted regardless of the level of barring).

The cost is $3.30 per month

Note: Call Control is not available from Optus based services

Silent Number

An unlisted number (or 'silent line') provides you with a way to increase your privacy. Under Part 13 of the Telecommunications Act 1997, carriers, CSPs, number-database operators, emergency call persons, and their respective employees and associates are required to protect the confidentiality of information that relates to the affairs or personal particulars (including any unlisted telephone number) of another person.

This means that if you have a silent number, your number won't be listed in the White Pages directory, or directory assisted services. Please note that if your phone number is listed in the current White Pages, you would have to wait for the next edition.

The disclosure or use of protected information is authorised in limited circumstances. For example, such disclosures may be made to authorised law enforcement agencies for purposes relating to the enforcement of criminal law or where the disclosure or use is reasonably necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of a person.

Silent Number is available throughout Australia.

There is no cost for enabling Silent Number feature.

Duet Phone and Fax Multiple Number

Duet Phone and Fax Multiple Number allows you to add a fax number to your existing phone line, giving you separate phone and fax numbers without installing a second line. Normal call charges still apply. This service is available through most telephone exchanges in Australia. Not all fax machines may be compatible.

The cost is $6.00 per month


Calling Number Display (Caller ID)

Calling Number Display can help you identify who is calling by displaying the caller's phone number. It can also store the date and the time of the call, as well as the phone numbers of callers who hang up without leaving a message.

The cost is $6.00 per month

You will need a CND compatible phone or Calling Number Display unit in order to use the Calling Number Display feature.

If you have call blocking or line blocking enabled on your phone line, or you have a Silent Line, your Calling Line Identification (CLI) will generally not be disclosed to third parties.

However, there are some circumstances in which your CLI will always be disclosed.

You cannot block CLI on calls made by you or someone else on your phone line:


  • The emergency call service (000);
  •  Internet dial up calls made to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who uses a Telstra ISDN service or an 0198307 or 0198308 access number, but only where the ISP uses the CLI for fraud prevention, billing, call management or credit control;
  • When you or someone else sends a text message or replies to a Talking Text message from your Basic Telephone Service - in accordance with worldwide standards for SMS, all messages including reply messages will display the telephone number of the sender;
  • When you or someone else uses another carriage service provider by using a network override code.


Voice mail

When you're unable to take a call, Voicemail can take it for you. No extra equipment such as answering machines is needed. Voicemail can also be used in conjunction with Call Waiting - if you don't want to interrupt your call, let Voicemail take your message. Message-retrieval charges may apply, depending on which service you have.


The cost is $6.00 per month


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