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Website SIM Activation Process

Table of Contents
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This guide is for staff to understand how customers must activate their SIM cards on our website. Staff can go through this process on a customers behalf if they have properly ID'd the customer on the phone.


  • As an owner of a mobile phone, you should already have a basic understanding of mobiles and SIM Cards. Use your past experience to anticipate how the process should work.


Step One. Direct the customer to THE ACTIVATION PAGE

Step Two. Customer should login using their SpinTel username and password (which they set up when they ordered their SIM, or when they originally became a customer)

 Step Three. Configure the form to activate the customers mobile

The form must be completed correctly in order to submit and validate the activation.

  • SIM Card: This shows a list of any valid activation's on the account. You can only activate one at a time, but on the last page you can click 'Activate Another SIM' to come back here.
  • Activation Type: Customers can now choose again if they want to transfer a number, or activate a new number (changing this field will change what fields appear on the form).
  • Plan Type: Customer should select if they are pre-paid or post-paid, descriptions of each are in the form.
  • Number: This is the number that will be transferred or activated.
  • Current Provider: This is the current provider (does not appear for new number activation's)
  • Account Number: This is the current account number for the bill - Is required for post-paid activation's (to verify with the current provider)
  • Date Of Birth: This is the date of birth of the person who currently owns the number - Is required for pre-paid activation's (to verify with the current provider) NOT SHOWN

Step Four. Submitting and Validating

After clicking 'Submit' we will validate what the customer has entered in the work-type.

Step Five. Completed

If successfully submitted, the customer will see a brief message saying the activation was successful. Further updates will be sent to them via Email and/or SMS.

Errors. The website also shows a series of descriptive error messages when it fails to activate a number, these are as follows and should be handled appropriately.

  • 001: Not an MSN
  • 003: MSN not Issued
  • 008: Port in progress
  • 013: MSN not allocated to a Mobile Carrier
  • 014: Recipient Mobile Carrier is the Donor Mobile Carrier
  • 016: MSN not held
  • 020: Data attributes do not conform to Data Definitions
  • 035: Request ID not confirmed and active
  • 038: MSN active on Network
  • 041: Request ID not Active
  • 058: Account/Reference Number or Date of Birth not held
  • 059: Port Message Type out of sequence
  • 067: Invalid CA Authorisation Date
  • 071: MSN not associated with Previous Request ID
  • 077: Request ID not unique
  • 078: MSN not Ported
  • 079: Incorrect Destination Party
  • 080: Port Reversal is greater than six months
  • 017: MSN not associated with Account/Reference Number
  • 070: MSN not associated with Date of Birth

When in doubt contact Provisioning for help dealing with error messages.

Tips & Warnings

  • SpinTel resells Optus Mobile
  • Same Carrier Ports (from Optus, or other Optus providers, to SpinTel) take a few days to validate, usually completed in 3-5 working days.
  • All other orders take a few hours, to a maximum of about one day
  • If the portal says 'No SIM Card found' then the customer either hasn't ordered a SIM card, or there is something wrong with their SIM hardware, or Activation Worktype (See Provisioning!)
  • Our mobile FAQ (for customers) can be found here
  • This form will soon be activated to let customers change their plan when activating, just working out how to do this and show the right plans for bundle/standalone mobile customers


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