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Webspace Setup Guide

How to FTP files to your web hosting space

We will be using a program called FileZilla which is a free FTP client. This guide will show you how to maintain your web hosting space with the program mentioned and show you how to upload and download files from your FTP space in order to make changes for your web pages or website.

First you will want to head over to My Account and enable webspace in the users section.

Example Details Follows

  • FTP Server:
  • FTP User: your webspace username
  • FTP Pass: your webspace password

There is no domain name required the URL to your web space is:

Step 1

Fill in Address, Login and Password fields with the FTP Address, Username and Password supplied for your web hosting space.

Make sure the Port field is 21


Hit the Enter button on your keyboard to connect to the FTP Address.

Once you see this on your screen you will also notice a folder called public_html. This folder is the ROOT folder of your web hosting space, in order to correctly display and maintain web pages you are required to keep all web hosting files in this folder.


Step 2

To download files from your web hosting space you would double click on the public_html folder then click and drag any files you wish from the right window to the left window (to the save location on your computer).

To upload files from your computer to the web hosting space provided you would drag and drop any folders or contents and files as you wish into the right window from the left window into the public_html folder of your web hosting space.

You now have successfully made necessary changes to your web hosting space.