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Broadband No Data Flow

When a Modem is able to connect to the internet, however experiences problems browsing to websites / accessing online applications.

These troubleshooting steps should be undertaken in order to resolve the issue:

  1. Confirm that the service is receiving line sync. This is represented by a solid ADSL/DSL light on the modem
  2. Confirm that the service is authenticated. This is represented by a solid Internet/PPP light on the modem.
  3. Attempt to browse to your modem to confirm that local connectivity is present. This requires you to enter the IP address of your modem into your browser. Please note that this IP address changes depending on the modem being used. TP-Link modems provided by SpinTel will use the IP Address “”. In doing this you will achieve one of two results.
  4. You are prompted with a username/password request, this means that your device is talking to the modem and you can continue to step 4.
  5. The page does not load. This means there is no local connectivity. These problems can be caused by the device in use, the modem, or method of connectivity (Ethernet cable/Wireless). In these instances we recommend factory resetting and reconfiguring your modem.
  6. Setup your network connection with the following DNS addresses and attempt to browse to the unreachable websites.
  7. Primary:
  8. Secondary:
  9. If you are still unable to browse, disable any bandwidth intensive applications such as Peer to Peer clients, Automatic Updates, Email Clients etc.
  10. If browsing is still a problem, please perform a factory reset and reconfiguration of your modem. If your modem has been supplied by SpinTel guides will be available [HERE]
  11. If you are still unable to access the internet, an alternate modem should be tested.

Should you still experience problems after following the troubleshooting in this guide, please contact our Technical Support team on 1300 303 375.