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Cancel Account

Cancel your Account or Plan

Things happen and sometimes you may need to cancel your SpinTel Service, below are the FAQs to help you with the process.

You might consider other options as listed below prior Cancellation.

Try Alternate Service ◙ Cancellation FAQs

Try Alternate Service

1. Visit

2. Check for alternate service we offer and choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Cancellation FAQs

Charges Expectation

a. Charges for the Service will cease at the end of the accounts billing cycle after receipt of cancellation notification. Therefore, even if you choose to cancel your service immediately, the monthly charge for your current billing cycle will not be refunded.
b. In the event you are in contract, an early termination fee will apply on a prorata basis. 

Best Time to Close Account

a. We recommend that you give us at least 2 weeks cancellation notice to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.
b. If the service has been canceled prior to the end date of the billing cycle then you would receive no further invoices and there would be nothing owing on the account, provided you’ve already made that month’s payment and the usage of the service is part of the plan inclusion.

Here are some examples to help clarify.

Example 1: Customer John having the first billing cycle (1st to 30th of the month) wants to cancel her account on the 20th of August.

This is perfectly fine. However, charges till end of the month is no longer refundable. If payment hasn't been made yet, final bill will cover till end of current billing cycle.

Example 2: John wants to close his account on the 31st of August.

(No contract) John will not receive further invoice, provided that the payment of August month has been made and the usage of the service is part of the plan inclusion. 

What if I changed my mind?

Changes must be made 1 business day prior to the disconnection date, otherwise we will no longer be able to amend it.

More Details Needed

Our Terms & Conditions  provide more specific details regarding cancelling the agreement with SpinTel


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