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How Do I Cancel My Account?

To cancel your account please call us on 13 22 10.

Our Terms & Conditions (specifically, part 11.0) provide more specific details regarding cancelling your agreement with SpinTel.

When will I receive my final bill?
Will there be any cancellation charges?
What will happen to my email address?
Credit Management Disconnections


When will I receive my final bill?

The bill you receive after submitting your closure will generally be your last. In some cases you may receive another bill, for any outstanding usage or service charges that occurred up to when your service(s) was disconnected. If any further charges accrue on your account, such as late payment fees, these will be billed when they are available for us to do so.


Will there be any cancellation charges?

Service(s) within contract will be required to pay an early termination fee. Additionally, should you cancel before your contract expires any promotions you may have received at the start of your contract are payable to us.

All contracted services will be charged a $99 pro-rata fee, based on months remaining on your contract.

For example, cancelling 12 months into a 24 month contract will generate a termination fee of $49.50.


What will happen to my email address?

If you terminate all services on your account your email address will be removed.

Once this occurs you will not be able to login to our My Account portal, and you will no longer be able to check your SpinTel email. We will no longer store your email, and recommend that you back up or save these for future use.


Credit Management Disconnections

If your account is scheduled to be terminated due to non-payment we will endeavor to contact you via phone, email and SMS.

If we are unsuccessful in contacting you, or if you refuse payment, your account and services will be terminated without further notice and any amounts payable to us will be invoiced.

We encourage customers to contact us if they discover any issues with their bill, as failure to pay will result in automatic credit management activities.


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