About SpinTel: Award-Winning NBN and Mobile Service Provider

SpinTel is not just the Internet Service Provider of the year (2022). It’s been around since 1996 and is one of the largest privately-owned ISPs in Australia. SpinTel is awarded as Australia’s best across Mobile, NBN, Internet, and Broadband by whistleOut, Product Review, Canstar Blue, Finder, and Money Magazine.

SpinTel is one of the most popular Australian ISP's on ProductReview with a rating of 4.2 from over 5600 reviews.

When you choose SpinTel you choose to be a part of satisfied Internet users who seamlessly enjoy congestion-free NBN, Wireless Internet, cloud-based PBX, and SIM-only mobile plans at affordable rates.

We are always there for you

At SpinTel, you don’t get lost in the system. Our Customer Support means friendly experts responding to your call within minutes and answering all your questions promptly. Call 13 22 10 for any queries about SpinTel services.

We know what it takes to stay in touch

We have been in the business for over 25 years and ensure our award-winning Internet services truly cater to your needs. We are accessible and accountable to our customers at all times.

We help you save every day

We are dedicated to helping Australian households save every day with our simple Internet plans at affordable rates with no bill shock.

We are committed to continuous improvements

At SpinTel, we are dedicated to training employees, hiring professionals, and continuously improving our customer service. We have a dedicated team tapping into the latest technologies and helping our customers stay up-to-date with them.

SpinTel Reviews

SpinTel is a Product Review Awards winner. The awards acknowledge products and services that have been rated well by the ProductReview community. These awards are completely independent of their commercial offerings.

SpinTel is rated 4.2 for Transparency, 4.3 for Value for Money, and 4.4 for Customer Service. The 4+ rating across all parameters is simply a testimony of how satisfied SpinTel customers are with our services.

Award logo for SpinTel winning the Product Review Award from 2022       Award logo for SpinTel winning the Product Review Award from 2022-2023         A product review logo showing SpinTel's 4.5 stars from 9,479 reviews

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SpinTel’s Hall of Fame

At SpinTel we work hard to deliver innovative products and reliable customer support. We are proud and humbled to be recognized year after year with well-renowned awards in this competitive marketplace.

Award logo for winning Whistle Out Internet Provider of the Year for 2022 Award logo for winning Mozo Experts Choice Award for Fast Broadband in 2023 Award logo for winning Money Magazine's Best Value NBN Broadband Plan Award for 2024 Award logo for winning Finder's NBN Provider For Fast Speeds Highly Commended award for 2023 Award logo for SpinTel winning the Product Review Award from 2023-2024


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SpinTel in the News

SpinTel has been the talk of the telecom town for quite a few years now. We have been featured in various telecommunications and technology-based publications.

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