For your convenience, you can find all of SpinTels processes, policies and legal documentation below.

    Terms & Conditions

    Our Terms & Conditions are SpinTel's Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) General Terms. It contains the terms and conditions for the sale, supply provision and use of SpinTel's telecommunications services and products.

    Complaints Handling Policy

    Our Complaints Handling Policy details the steps required to lodge a complaint with SpinTel and how SpinTel will work to resolve the complaint in a prompt manner.

    Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy sets out how SpinTel collects and discloses your personal information.

    Shipping & Returns Policy

    Our Shipping & Returns Policy outlines our shipping method, costs and how to return an item should that item be faulty due to no fault of your own.

    Spend Management Tools

    SpinTel has a number of tools available to help you manage your telecommunications spend.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    Our Acceptable Use Policy (or AUP) outlines the actions that SpinTel considers to be abusive or inappropriate and as such, prohibited. It covers all services provided by SpinTel and is deemed to be part of SpinTel's Standard Form of Agreement (SFoA).

    Copyright Infringement Policy

    Our Copyright Infringement Policy describes SpinTel's view in relation to Copyright Infringement, our Repeat Infringer Policy and also provides details on how to contact the SpinTel Copyright Infringement Officer.

    Financial Hardship Policy

    Our Financial Hardship Policy provides customers who have a genuine inability to pay their bill with various options to assist with payment.

    Online Security

    Information about Online Security can be found here.

    Critical Information Summaries

    The Critical Information Summaries (or CISs) are provided here and provide a summary of the inclusions and exclusions of your plan.


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