By Ned McRae

The TP-Link Archer VR400 AC1200 Wireless VDSL/ADSL Modem Router is a modem/router designed to quickly and conveniently connect you to the internet and meet your every networking need. It has features that extend the full potential of your internet connection, such as enabling super-fast Wi-Fi, providing a wide range, and having multiple ports.

With these features, you will experience complete, versatile connectivity, low lag times, and buffering-free streaming.

Archer VR400 Features

Super Speedy Wi-Fi

The Archer VR400 gives you the versatility to use two dedicated networks. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi technology, the Archer VR400 provides a combined internet speed of up to 1.2Gbps. This internet speed includes 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on the 5GHz band.

You can allocate simple tasks such as emailing or browsing to the 2.4GHz band, while the 5GHz band can simultaneously support bandwidth-consuming tasks such as online gaming and HD video streaming. Such a feature creates stable connections, reduces internet interferences, and supports multiple devices.

Optimal Wi-Fi Coverage and Stability

With standard and traditional routers, it can be challenging to maintain a reliable internet connection in every room at home. The Archer VR400 solves this problem. This modem is capable of establishing an expansive home network thanks to its three high-performance external antennas.

You no longer have to worry about dead spots or Wi-Fi dead zones in your homes because the Archer VR400 ensures it can maintain high data rates even at vast distances. Through Advanced Beamforming Technology, wireless devices are located automatically and form highly targeted and efficient connections.

High-speed VDSL Connection

The TP-Link Archer VR400 combines the functions of a DSL modem and wireless router in a single device. For your convenience, the modem is compatible with VDSL2, ADSL2+/ADSL2/ADSL and delivers Wi-Fi AC1200 (AC 867 Mbps + N 300 Mbps).

It utilizes the most recent VDSL2 technology, hence capable of delivering remarkable VDSL broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps. It is almost a fivefold increase in speed rate compared to ADSL2+.

Complete and Versatile Connectivity

The Archer VR400 modem comes with four ethernet ports. These ports include a Gigabit port for versatile connectivity and a USB 2.0 port for sharing a printer, a hard drive, or installing a 3G/4G card. This allows ethernet connections from cable, fiber modems, and 3G/4G internet services, aside from its compatibility with VDSL2/ADSL2+/ADSL2/ADSL standards.

ditionally, the router’s gigabit ethernet ports operate 10× faster than conventional ethernet. This allows your wired devices to perform at their best. Full Gigabit ports enable quick and dependable wired connections to PCs, televisions, and game consoles.

Easy Setup and Use

There’s no significant need for a comprehensive Archer VR400 manual. With its simple web interface and tether software, you can set up your Archer VR400 router in minutes. The powerful Tether App allows you to adjust its network settings, including parental controls and media sharing.

Whether for online gaming, video streaming, or completing business tasks, the modem can support your every need and provide a fast and reliable wired network. Ultimately, TP-Link Tether provides the quickest access and management of your router from any of your IOS or iOS devices.

Installation Process

The installation of your Archer VR400 is pretty straightforward. It involves three easy steps: connect the hardware, set up the modem router, and enjoy your new and fast Internet connection.

1.Connect the hardware

Securely connect the DSL line and the power adapter to install your modem. You need to install the electrical outlet close to the device, and it must be conveniently accessible for everyone. Before proceeding to configuration, ensure that LEDs are properly on and stable.

It’s also vital to place your router where there isn’t much moisture or excessive heat. Furthermore, it has to be in a location where you can connect it to numerous devices and a power source. Keep the modem away from powerful electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic sensitive devices.

To avoid tripping, keep wires and power cords out of the way. Keep exterior antennas outward at the recommended 30 degrees. And after ensuring you have correctly followed these vital tips, it’s time to connect your computer, or other devices, to the modem router.

2.Set up the modem router

Connecting your modem router to the computer can be done in three ways: using a wired connection, wireless connection, or the WPS button.

Using an ethernet cable, connect your computer’s ethernet port to a LAN port on the modem router for a wired connection. Meanwhile, you can connect wirelessly using the modem router's default SSID and password. SSID is the wireless network name. Manufacturers usually print the default SSID and password on the modem router's product label.

Lastly, only devices that support WPS can connect to the modem through the WPS button. These devices include Android phones, tablets, and most USB network cards. Unfortunately, iOS devices do not support WPS connections.

To completely set up the modern router on your computer and other devices, the next step is to log in to the modem router via the web. To do that, simply open a web browser and go to Create a secure password and click the save button. Then, enter the password you just created and click login.

3.Enjoy your new and fast Internet connection

After completing the above steps, you can now enjoy your fast internet connection with the Archer VR400. However, you need more than just a suitable modem or router for dependable and fast internet. You also need the correct internet service provider. SpinTel is adept at helping customers with their internet needs.

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