What's the Deal with Cable Concealers?

By Ned McRae

Cables are inescapable in modern living —the computers, appliances, and telephones we need come with these annoying wires. Daily life would be a lot smoother if only most of our devices were wireless.

Although necessary, these cords still look hideous when we leave them as they are, especially if we notice them in plain sight. You don’t want to make your office look like a den of snakes. These chaotic environments due to poor cable management are why we need cable concealers.

What are Cable Concealers?

Cable concealers, as the name suggests, hide your wires. Mostly people buy because they want their space clean and organised. Small business owners or workplace managers specifically buy cable conceales to avoid tripping hazards and maintain the quality of their office cords.

Unlike cable clips, concealers hide wires entirely, whereas clips don’t -they just organise the cables but are still visible.

You might be wondering if you need a cable concealer. Here are the best reasons why you should buy one:

Why You Should Have One?

No visible cable makes you look organised

Based on this study, researchers were deemed less hardworking just because they had messy offices. Your personal space is a perceptual extension of your identity. People’s impressions are quick and implicit. When they notice your mess, they subconsciously associate it with you—the same as how you implicitly evaluate someone based on their looks.

If you don’t want to be perceived as chaotic, these cable concealers can help you. They make your space look clean by hiding and organising wires. Gone are the days when you shy away from showing off your room because these concealers will make you proud of where you stay. Read along if you want to maximise the use of cable concealers.

Cable concealers are not only for aesthetics –they’re necessary

You avoid having damaging tears on your cables when you cover them. Even though most wires already have thick outer protection, there is still no guarantee that it will protect the electricity inside forever. When foreign particles penetrate in, it compromises the performance of the electricity, just like how your earphones stop making sounds after damaged cords. Having an extra layer on top of the outer sheath helps.

Cable concealers are excellent add-on protection for your wires. Great concealers protect your cable from corrosion, heat, and water. Your lines last longer when these factors stay away.

You save money

It's cheaper to buy cable concealers than repeatedly purchasing new wires. Cords that pile up on the floor or hang up beside walls are more likely to get damaged. If you don’t decide to protect your cables now, you will buy new ones every time it gets damaged.

You will benefit from buying these concealers if you’re a business owner concerned about your cash flow.

Choose the Right One For You

Before we discuss which cable concealer you should go for, we still need to know the situation of your cables and the different types of cable concealers that will suit them.


Cables are made in different sizes. You need to measure the circumference of your wires before buying a cable concealer to ensure everything fits. You don’t want to waste money buying these concealers only to find out they don’t go accordingly to the measurements.

You are allowed to stack your wires inside a single cable concealer –you’ll just need to buy a bigger one, so measurement is essential.

Installation process

There are cable concealers that can be drilled through your wall. This method of installation is more secure than adhesive tapes. However, if you’re renting a space, you might need permission from your landlord.

Don’t worry if you aren’t given permission. Adhesive tapes will still do the job.


You also need a cable concealer that doesn’t break easily. Different manufacturers create their concealers with various materials. Go for the ones that don’t crack easily after some form of impact.


Homes are often designed through a colour palette. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a set of colours that blends well together. Sticking with the colours of your home or office will help you maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

It’s ugly to look at an intrusive bright red cable concealer when your home gives off a calm white and beige palette. Pick your colours wisely.

If you can’t find the colour you want, you can paint it over.

How to install

Now you know the right cable concealer for you, get ready to learn how to install it.

Measure, measure, measure

Get your measuring tools and calculate the height and girth of your wires. Knowing your cables’ dimensions will save you money and time by not buying a cable concealer that doesn’t fit.

Gather your tools

Managing cables is a handyman’s work. Get the tools as you see fit, and these include:

  • Cutting materials
  • Measuring tools
  • Hammer or drill (if you intend to bore a hole on your wall)
  • Extra adhesive tapes
  • Screwdriver
  • Extra screws
  • Paint (if you want a different colour)

Install the cable concealer

You can install a cable concealer in two ways. For adhesive tapes, simply peel off the outer cover and attach it to the wall.

For those that need screws, drill a hole in your desired spot and mount it with the screw.

Place your wires inside

You can open a cable concealer in half. Usually, you only need one side to mount it. Use the open spot to put in your wires. It should hold the wires perfectly.

Cover it up

After putting the wires in, the only thing left is reattaching the other half of the concealer. Once connected, it should close tightly; it should not open easily.

Paint if you want

Due to limited options, you might have no choice but get the colour you don’t like. If this is you, simply cover it with paint of your desired colour.


Cable concealers are not only great for making your space look clean, but they are also excellent for maintaining the health of your wires. Which then helps you avoid unnecessary spending and injuries. If you want to keep a clean-looking space and keep their devices for a longer time, you should invest in these concealers. They’re cheap, accessible, and easy to install.

There is still much to learn about wires, connections, and technology. If you’re interested, visit SpinTel's blog for more.


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