Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Cable Storage Box

Wireless may be the new thing enabling superfast internet and other connections. However, we are far off from getting rid of cable connections. Even as more wireless gadgets crop up, the back of our desks remains cluttered with cables. A cable storage box is necessary when faced with a web of cables around the working space. It is the only way to tidy the working space and ensure sturdy power and internet connections from award-winning SpinTel and other providers.

How do you store large amounts of cables?

It is crucial to resort to a reliable cable management system to prevent cables from dangling aimlessly like spaghetti behind computers and other large systems. Cable management makes repair and maintenance work simple since all cables are well organised. Additionally, a cable storage box enables sturdy connections, crucial to enjoying stable internet connections from internet service providers such as SpinTel.

A cable storage box helps put the web of cables in order while ensuring uninterrupted and robust connection, be it to a congestion-free SpinTel internet connection or a phone service company. A cable management box not only declutters the working space but also makes the space look tidy and good. It also helps keep the exposed cables safe and tucked away from children or pets.

While using a cable storage box, the risk of overloading is usually there, which should be avoided. Overloading leads to a build-up in temperature inside the cable organiser, which can trigger fires. Additionally, it can affect internet connections making it difficult to enjoy seamless and congestion-free connections from your service provider.

It is also essential to avert the risk of putting too much pressure on the cables inside the cable storage box, as this can affect the insulation levels of some of the cables. Reduced insulation is a fire risk when dealing with power cables. It can also affect connections to the internet when beaming SpinTel NBN plans.

Additionally, keeping the cable away from kids is vital with the help of cable storage boxes that are easy to install and hide cords.

How do you store cables in a box?

While storing cables inside a cable storage box, it is vital to organise them by type, which makes it easy to grab them when needed when ready to be used again. While different types of cables can look similar, marking them inside the cord organiser can help to sort them.

Placing markings on the cables inside the box will make it easier for the next person to know which cable to grab.  For instance, cables for beaming SpinTel internet should be marked separately from the power cords or printer and charging cables.

When dealing with long cables, it is best practice to roll them and place them inside a cord organiser with adequate space. Knowing how to roll each cable type is vital to avoid causing damage or tampering with the insulation.

What to look for in a cable storage box?


A cable storage box should not be made of cheap material if it is to last longer. The best in the game are the ones made up of wood or other fire-resistant materials. While they cost more, one time, they avert the need to incur additional costs for a replacement.

In addition to the material, the cable storage box should also have adequate ventilation to prevent the power cords and other cables from overheating. Some of the boxes come with fire-resistant features for additional protection.


While sourcing for a cable management box, it is essential to consider its capacity. Some boxes are only suited for single cables and specific sizes. However, others can be adjusted to accommodate multiple cables of various sizes.

Therefore, before buying a cable storage box, it is essential to consider the amount and the sizes of the cables that need to be tucked away.


The best cable management box offers a high level of convenience. Consequently, it should come with a lid that prevents dust from getting in and protects the cables and cords from liquid spills.

A lid will also protect the cables from the prying hands of children or pets, which can interfere with internet connections or total shutdown of devices when power cables are pulled out. Therefore, the cord organiser must be strong and sturdy so that kids and pets cannot reach the cables.

Blending In

While a cable management box is for decluttering the working space, it matters a lot how it looks if it is placed in a place where it is visible. Therefore, it is important to pick a design that best matches the home décor and the working space.

One of the best cable management boxes for desks is the D-Lien cable management box, designed to conceal all the cables and power strips from the working space. In addition to improving the appearance of the working space, it makes it look more professional, making it easy to access any hard-to-reach spaces on the desk. The cable management box is also suited for keeping wires and other electric strips away from children and pets.

The best cable storage box for stable SpinTel connection

A cable storage box is a vital cable organiser box that helps declutter the working space from a web of cables. It not only makes the working space look tidy but ensures cables remain connected where they ought to be for solid connections crucial to enjoying seamless internet from SpinTel and other ISPs. It also makes the working space look more professional.


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