Here's How You Can Choose the Right Car Phone Charger

By Ned McRae

Almost all cars come with an in-built USB port for charging. However, for a few bucks, you can upgrade the car phone charger to charge your phone and other devices much faster. While most cars come with a USB-A port, a new industry standard USB-C is turning out to be a game-changer. With the new standard, you can always charge your phone from 0% to 50 % in under 30 minutes. In addition to using USB ports to charge devices in the car, wireless charging is also becoming a big hit averting the need for the conventional corded car phone charger.

What is the fastest car charger?

Modern vehicles are coming with new technology that is simply unbelievable. However, the big question remains: which is the fastest way to charge a phone in the car? In most cases, two different options exist. The use of a USB port or the traditional cigarette lighter. While a phone is likely to charge with either of the two options, the charging speed will be quite different.

The USB cord will always be the most convenient option as it only requires a traditional cell phone charging cord connected to a USB adaptor. In contrast, the 12V cigarette lighter requires a special adaptor.

However, the 12V cigarette lighter will always charge a phone faster as it comes with 12V compared to a conventional USB cord that offers 5V. A 5V USB cord will always deliver far less power than a 12V cigarette lighter for the same time. In addition, a USB cord will not be powerful enough to charge a smartphone that is running other apps like navigation systems, as its output will always be 0.5A.

In contrast, the 12V cigarette lighter comes with a much higher amperage of between 2.1A and 4.8A than the typical 0.5A generated by 5V USB cords in a car phone charger. In addition, one 12V cigarette lighter can be used to charge several devices at once.

In addition to USB and the 12V cigarette lighter, car phone charger wireless is also becoming popular. In this case, as a component is embedded inside the car that charges smartphones and other devices wirelessly without any cables. The system only leverages induction coils that create an electromagnetic field that transfers energy to the devices, which is then converted into power to charge the devices wirelessly.

Does USB-C charge faster than USB?

USB-C, commonly referred to as USB Type C, is the newest standard used to deliver power to the latest devices, from smartphones to external hard drives. They differ from the traditional USB as they come with a symmetric flattened-oval shape that can be inserted into devices either way.

One big advantage of USB-C over USB is that it can charge devices much faster and deliver more data at any given time. For instance, Apple’s Lightning connector, which relies on USB 2.0, can provide 5 watts of power. In contrast, a standard USB-C port can deliver up to 18 watts allowing devices to charge much faster. Therefore there is no doubt that USB-C charges faster than USB.

Are car chargers for phones universal?

Yes, car phone chargers for phones are universally designed to make it easy for people to charge  all kinds of smartphones and other mobile devices by simply changing the charging cable.

How many amps is a good car charger?

Car phone chargers are not the same. They come with different ratings, which determine if the charger is a slow or a fast charger. Most USB chargers plugged into sockets at home or the office provide between 2.1 to 2.4 amps capable of enabling fast charging. A typical Apple iPad charger rated at 5V will put out 2.1A

In contrast, car phone chargers offer 0.5A which is quite low if one is in dire need of a supercharger. However, automakers are increasingly incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in cars, allowing car USB charges to provide 2.1 to 2.4A, enabling supercharging smartphone batteries.

How many watts should a car charger be?

It’s common for people to ask how many watts a car phone charger should have. Most Samsung car chargers and iPhone smartphones will typically need 5 watts at 5V to charge effectively. However, if you intend to charge more than one phone at a go, then the number of watts would increase. For instance, if you plan to charge two phones, you will need 10 watts. For three phones, you will need 15 watts.

Tablets and laptops have a much higher power requirement than smartphones. Consequently, at the 5V on offer in the phone car charger, they will need about 12 watts to charge. For two tablets or laptops, you would need 24 watts.

However, if you need the Quick Charge technology in a car phone charger, then you might want to consider a much higher power rating. For example, while charging smartphones, a quick charge will require about 18 watts for one device at 5V.

Likewise, one might ask, how many amps does a 12v phone charger use? Again, it would depend on the amount of power on offer. For a 12 watts power output, the current would be 1A, while for an 18watts power output, the current would be 1.5A.

What Should I look for in a car USB charger?

Some car phone chargers come with a single port, while others come with four or five. While more ports make it easy to charge as many devices as possible at any given time, it might not always be the best option. The charging speed will reduce as more phones or devices are connected for charging. In most cases, the two-port option is usually the best.

Type of Port

Phone charging systems in cars don’t come with a cable. Therefore you will have to use your phone's charging cable or buy an extra one. If your phone supports fast charging, you must settle on the best wireless car charger Australia charger to enjoy fast charging speeds. If not, you might have to replace the entire system.

Car chargers that come with built-in cables might not be the best. The cable wearing or it stops working could force you to replace the entire charging system. In addition, the charging cable restricts the kind of devices one can charge. In answering, which is the best car mobile charger? It is clear that the ones with detachable wires stand out as they enable swapping different cables for various devices.

While USB-A is compatible with older devices, they tend to have slower charging speeds which can pose challenges when one needs to ramp up battery power. In contrast, USB-C ports are the latest standards that support fast charging. In addition, IoT can charge power-hungry devices such as tablets and laptops.

Power Output

Power output is another important aspect to consider when selecting the best car charger in Australia. It is simply the amount of power a charger provides to a device. The best car phone charger supports at least 20-watt power output.

However, if you intend to charge devices other than smartphones, you would have to consider higher power ratings. Powered ratings above 45 watts are ideal for charging laptops and tablets in the car. In most cases, it is advisable to consider car phone chargers that support USB Power Delivery USB PD. Such systems support fast charging over the USB-C.

In conclusion, technology advancement means it becomes much easier and faster to charge smartphones and other mobile devices while on the go. Equipped with the right car phone charger like the 12V cigarette lighter, you can charge your devices in the least amount while driving. Therefore it becomes much easier to continue using power-intensive apps or access the internet using SpinTel’s high-speed internet without having to worry about running out of power.



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