Cloud Based Phone System for Your Business

By Ned McRae

Effective communication is an important aspect that determines the relationships a small business develops with the target market. While business phone systems have been around for quite some time, they are undergoing a massive transformation amid the cloud technology revolution. In a bid to keep communication costs low, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based systems.

What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is a phone service that allows calls to be made over the internet as opposed to traditional analog phone systems that rely on copper wires and optical fibers. The system stands out as it can be used on a variety of devices, including traditional phones, smartphone apps, and computer software.

Everything in a cloud-based phone system is stored digitally, alleviating the need for answering machine tape, phone bills, and even tons of wires. An effective cloud-based phone system such as the one offered by award-winning telco SpinTel improves how businesses operate. Cloud-based PBX acts as a perfect phone system for any small business.

Is VoIP the same as cloud-based? Yes, they are the same as in both cases, all information is stored on the cloud. But, conversely, it helps in saving costly maintenance and updates as everything is updated in the cloud.

Why should businesses choose cloud-based phone system?

Traditional phone systems require businesses to buy airtime from telecommunication companies which can be quite expensive. The hardware needed to set up a phone system can also be relatively high, even in the smallest of businesses. In addition, the setup is usually complex involving lots of wires which often results in downtime resulting in dropped calls.

Thanks to cloud technology, small businesses no longer have to contend with the high costs involved in setting up a phone system. The best cloud-based phone systems for small businesses are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. In addition, such systems offered by SpinTel and other telecommunication companies are way more robust, reliable, and efficient.

Cloud-based phone systems for small businesses offered by SpinTel and other providers an opportunity to compete with big companies by creating a global image at minimal costs. Such businesses can reach any customer at virtually no extra cost, as everything is done over the internet.

In addition, such systems allow businesses to increase or decrease the workforce without worrying about setup costs for additional lines. Given that everything is carried over the internet, one can add as many extensions as possible.

With Cloud-based phone systems, you can easily operate from multiple business locations. In addition, a business can have all the calls routed to a preferred device.

How much does a cloud mobile cost?

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based phone system is that it is relatively cheap than the traditional phone system. Thanks to cloud technology that relies on the internet, no bulky and expensive hardware is required in this case. In addition, there is no hassle for wires and equipment installation, which tends to ramp up costs.

With a cloud-based phone system, a small business only needs to subscribe to an offering offered by cloud phone service providers such as SpinTel. Upon setting up an account, one can open as many extensions as possible without incurring any additional costs. In addition, no monthly rentals and maintenance costs are required, which significantly lowers the costs of running an effective communication system.

The best cloud-based phone systems pricing ranges from $10 to $50/mth. Pricing depends on the features and the number of lines a business needs. Some of the standard features offered by SpinTel and other service providers include unlimited calling and mobile apps that support conference and video calling.

There are also plenty of free cloud-based phone system hacks that one can take advantage of, therefore cutting costs even further. Instead of buying desk phones, there are apps for laptops, smartphones, and tablets that cost way less than physical phones that can be used.

Businesses that need multiple lines of conference calls and voicemail systems tend to pay more. This is because there might be a need for special onsite switchboards and remote management. In most cases, cloud phone service providers such as SpinTel offer discounts for people looking to sign up for a longer term. There may also be additional discounts for taking out an annual subscription instead of a monthly plan.

How reliable are cloud phone systems?

Cloud-based phone systems are extremely reliable compared to traditional systems that rely on wires. Most systems, such as the one offered by SpinTel, are hosted in multiple locations. Therefore the prospect of downtime is very low or non-existent.

Suppose one server experiences some issues another server usually takes over, ensuring service or connection. Geographic redundancy on how the support servers are distributed minimizes any kind of service issues and downtime.

Reliability is further enhanced by the fact that updates can be made automatically in the cloud without the need for any costly maintenance outages or onsite engineers. Call qualities across VoIP are also excellent and enhance productivity when combined with video capabilities.

In addition, cloud-based phone systems are extremely flexible. The best cloud-based phone systems are designed to route calls to VoIP-enabled phones no matter the location one is in. The only requirement is a solid internet connection.

Is cloud-based PBX cheaper than a landline?

Yes,  cloud-based phone system offered by SpinTel will always be cheaper. Unlike traditional phone systems, whereby a separate system or hardware is needed, you only need a fast and stable internet connection with a cloud-based phone system. In addition, a small business using a VoIP service does not need to work with multiple service providers for mobile and data services.

VoIP also stands out as it offers a budget-friendly calling solution for long distances. Most international calls over a VoIP app are free. The systems also offer enhanced functionality compared to traditional phone lines, as connections can be made anywhere.

SpinTel: for the best cloud phone service

SpinTel is one of the best cloud-based phone service providers for any small business needing enterprise-grade calling features. For just $30/mth, small businesses can project big business professionalism in communication without breaking the bank.




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