Do Cord Covers Really Solve the Problem Without Messing the Aesthetics?

By Ned McRae

Are your equipment cords all over your working space? A mess of cables and cords is a common sight in work environments and homes that use many devices and gadgets. Hiding the cords of your desktop, printer, phone chargers, laptop, lamps, and other essential electronic tools is a real challenge.

Moreover, allowing them to be unorganized can be distracting, not to mention unsafe if they are running across a surface or floor. More than keeping the aesthetics of the space in check, haphazardly-placed cords can damage other cords or cause tripping incidents. For these reasons, getting cord covers is the answer to this problem. They should be part of your electronic connection setup. Failing to consider this damages the wires and cables, necessitating replacement or repair.

What is a cord cover?

A cord cover is a go-to solution to running wires, cables, and cords, especially in areas where vehicle or foot traffic is heavy. It is an essential protector and comes in different types to suit your needs, preferences, and spaces. From light-duty use in your office, business, or home setting to heavy-duty covers for job sites, construction sites, or warehouses, cord covers are necessary to keep yourself and others safe.

Aside from being a suitable cord organizing product, there are also decorative, and discreetly-designed plastic cord covers to match your home decor and multi-channel cable system. This option is for people who want to ensure that these products won’t mess up with the room's aesthetics.

General classifications of cord covers

Light capacity cord covers

Light capacity covers are designed for office and home use. These covers are ideal for settings where minor wear and tear, light traffic, or movement of people can cause external trauma to the cables. They are convenient and quick-fix solutions to address the messy look. With a thinner density, these covers are created with aesthetics in mind. They are easier to assemble and blend with the indoor appearance.

Medium capacity cord covers

Medium capacity covers are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic that can cause external trauma to wires, cords, or cables. This option protects the cords of the appliances in places like grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, or schools. These covers prevent trip hazards and protect the lifespan of the cables, hence a cost-effective solution for pedestrian-crowded businesses.

High-capacity cord covers

Heavy-duty covers are sturdy and perfect for industrial applications. They can accommodate plenty of foot traffic and extreme weight in externally-traumatic places. These high-capacity protectors are ideal for outdoor locations as they can protect cables, wires, pipes, and hoses where there is constant pressure.

Types of cord cover

Drop-over floor cord cover

Drop-over covers are the easiest way to protect your cables and cords. They are easy to install and stay in place due to their dense construction. These covers are perfect for floor cables and wires that run through the floor. Another option is cable bridges that conveniently cover the wires of your equipment. Drop-over floor cord covers also come in different materials to match the general appearance of the workplace or home office settings.

Carpet and tape floor cord cover

Carpet and tape covers are versatile and unique solutions to keep the cables and wires covert and safe from foot traffic. They come in handy when you have cords on fabric surfaces. A plastic floor cover or a hard-surfaced cover does not suit the base material and looks unattractive. The not-so-rigid material of carpet cord covers makes it an excellent option for a variety of applications.

Fabric cord covers

Fabric covers are perfect for hiding hoses and cords inside your premises. They usually come in rugged leather to decorative silk varieties to match your home or office decor. You can also choose to have wrap-around or slip-over covers for a more appealing look.

Power extension covers

When there is no handy power outlet, and you need an extension, covering your power extension cords with these covers eliminates the trip hazard for room occupants. It also keeps the space looking tidy and functional.

Advanced Modular Systems (AMS) cable covers

AMS cable protectors or cross-link bridges are customizable structures of covers. They work well for conditions where the cables and wires are installed and uninstalled, like during productions or events. The connectable sections of this cover quickly latch into the next part regardless of the volume or size of the cables; hence cord management is a breeze.

Raceways covers

Raceways, also known as wireways, protect the cables to ensure power, telecommunication, or AV connectivity. They blend seamlessly with the carpet and floor spaces while organizing all the cords in a centralized manner. This option is reliable and efficient for choosing the fitting cord covers.

Factors to consider when choosing cord covers

Before buying one, make sure to consider the following:

  • Capacity - It refers to the thickness and volume of cords you want to hide. A single cable may need a thin cord cover, but if you have multiple cords for video, audio, data, and other functions, make sure to find a thicker cord hider.
  • Length – Measure the distance you want to cover with the product. Make sure to add an allowance of an inch or two to avoid an uncovered portion.
  • Path – Check all the elbows and bends that you need to cover. You may also choose to buy a cable cover kit that comes with connectors for corner purposes.
  • Surface – Another crucial element is the surface. A screw is necessary during the setup of rough-textured material because the dual-side adhesive will not work.

Do cord covers work without messing with the space aesthetics?

The answer is yes. There are many options and varieties to choose from, letting you preserve the settings of the working or living spaces while professionally hiding the cables and cords of your internet or telephone system.

This prevents damaging the cables and ensures safety from accidental tripping or fall. In a nutshell, cord covers are a cost-effective investment to keep everyone and everything safe while keeping the cohesive look of the indoor or outdoor environment. For cloud-based and wireless internet options, call Spintel to know more about these services or contact us through call or chat.




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