Step-by-Step Guide to enable NBN

By Ned McRae

National Broadband Network (NBN) is the preferred broadband network guaranteeing high-speed internet connections for millions of Australian households and offices. However, unknown to most people is that NBN Co is a wholesaler that sells NBN internet to Internet Service Providers such as the award-winning telco, SpinTel, tasked with the responsibility of beaming to households and offices.

NBN Rollout began in 2009 as a replacement for ADSL connection which was struggling to keep up with the growing demands for emerging technologies. In addition, its inability to handle streaming gaming and a myriad of other connected devices called for a new type of broadband connection.

How do I activate NBN?

Most parts of Australia already have NBN coverage. However, if you are moving to a new residence, you must confirm with NBNco for coverage. By simply typing the current address into the rollout map, and entering NBN login credentials you can find if there is NBN coverage in the area. The map will confirm if the home is NBN-ready and the type of NBN connection one can connect to.

The first step to connecting to NBN entails settling on a reliable internet service provider such as SpinTel. The provider will be responsible for beaming the Internet to the household or office. If you rent a house, you must obtain a landlord’s permission.

Additionally, you will have to find out which type of connection is available depending on the location. In the case of Fibre to the Premises Network, you will need an NBN-ready modem, a power supply unit, and a network permission device to connect to the technology. In the case of Hybrid Fibre Coaxial, you only need an NBN-ready modem which is also the case with Fibre to the Node connection that utilizes a copper network. In the case of wireless NBN, an outdoor antenna is essential in addition to an NBN-ready modem.

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Once you settle on the network, you need to contact an internet service provider such as SpinTel and place an order for a connection. Before settling on the service provider for NBN connection, you need to decide whether you need telephone service in addition and how much data you will need for a month. Speed is another vital factor when selecting an Internet service provider for an NBN connection.

Once you settle on the provider, they will send an accredited NBN enable worker to inspect the household to check if everything is okay for NBN activation. Standard installation of NBN-supplied equipment such as NTD and PSU should be in place. Additionally, depending on the selected provider and connection type, you might need an NBN-ready modem.

If everything checks out, the provider will be able to provide a connection and test everything to ensure it is working. While SpinTel and the likes offer different NBN plans, you must select an appropriate NBN plan to enjoy the desired internet speeds.

Once you select a plan, the Internet service provider should set an appointment at the earliest possible time. Afterward, a certified NBN enable technician will come to the scene to install all the necessary equipment a. Once the technician starts the NBN service, you can connect the modem to the NBN network to enjoy a congestion-free Internet as the one offered by SpinTel.

What is an NBN enable card?

While the NBN rollout is almost complete across Australia, maintenance and upgrades will continue as the industry keeps moving along. In addition, over time, infrastructure will undergo updates and repairs to ensure customers enjoy high-speed internet as marketed by SpinTel and other internet service providers.

NBN enable is a portal created to provide all the information about people working on NBN-related projects. The portal captures the details of all certified personnel involved in NBN construction, activation, operation, and maintenance. In addition, the Portal stores all the skills, experience, and qualifications so that people know who they are dealing with whenever they interact.

Therefore, all the field workers performing NBN activities must register with NBN enAble. Additionally, NBN enable is designed to provide all the necessary NBN training to ensure all the personnel are up to date with all the industry best practices.

Once registered and complete the mandatory training, all the personnel will be provided with an NBN enable card. In addition, all workers employed by an approved Delivery Partner must have an NBN enable card with them. The card helps in identification and is also used to conduct infield audits.

Additionally, an NBN enable app used by accredited workers allows them access to their digital enable card. The digital NBN enable card displays a worker’s name, enable ID number and propel picture. In addition, it also comes with enable NBN contact number.

Only workers who have completed the mandatory NBN enable card course can access their digital ID card via the app. However, in the case of NBN enable lost cards, one can use the digital card in the app for verification and audit purposes.

How do I connect to the NBN myself?

While accredited NBN enable workers come in handy in enabling NBN connection in offices and at home, it is also possible to connect without seeking any help. All you have to do is enter the address you are residing on the NBNco website to find the kind of NBN connection available in the area.

Similarly, settle on an internet service provider such as SpinTel and contact them. Once you place an order for an NBN plan, the provider will send an NBN technician to connect everything. However, if you are up to the task and believe you can connect everything, you can proceed to settle on an NBN plan, after which the provider will start the switch to NBN. The provider will send the additional components to support the NBN infrastructure in place, the additional equipment could include an NBN-ready modem.

With an easy-to-install guide provided by the ISP, you should be able to set up the modem and connect all the devices to the NBN connection to start receiving the Internet.

How long does it take NBN to activate? It depends on whether all the necessary equipment is in place and whether you are doing it by yourself or relying on accredited personnel. In most cases, it should not take more than one week.

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NBN coverage is widespread allowing Aussies to enjoy high-speed internet. Before Internet Service Providers start beaming the Internet, all the NBN infrastructure and installation should be in place. Accredited workers with the enable card are usually on the dial to address all the activation issues. They are the best to deal with to ensure seamless connection and thus enjoy strong connection and high-speed internet, as beamed by SpinTel and other ISPs.


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