Everything You Need to Know About Fax Numbers in Australia

By Ned McRae

The era of high-speed internet is here with us, making life much easier and exciting. The days when it took hours or even minutes to transfer data or documents are over amid the high-speed internet connections beamed by award-winning ISP,  SpinTel, and the likes. However, as things change, some remain the same, which explains why fax technology is still in use.

Fax machines have been around and are not going anywhere amid the superfast NBN internet beamed by SpinTel and the likes in Australia. Fax machines are still relevant partly because they help keep paperwork simple while creating a record. Companies doing business with one another can get updated documents easily faxed without running back to the office to print.

Additionally, faxing helps keep legal documents more secure, one reason they enjoy immense usage in law enforcement services and by medical providers. The lack of spam folders also ensures documents are always in the right hands. Finally, sending signatures is best done through fax, given the increased security and safety.

If you are a fast-time fax user and looking to implement a fax service, there are things you need to know outright.

How do I get a Fax Number?

A fax number is similar to a phone number. Nevertheless, it is used to send and receive faxes instead of calls. They come with at least 10 digits. The simplest way to get a fax number is to contact a local phone company to provide an additional phone number.

There are two types of fax numbers. Traditional fax numbers operate over the phone, while online fax numbers operate over the internet. In addition, online faxing allows one to send and receive faxes without a fax machine, making faxing relatively cheaper and more convenient.

A Fax Number is a Must

Anyone looking to send and receive faxes must have a dedicated fax number. However, if you don't have one or a fax machine to receive one, you can still receive faxes digitally using online fax services. For example, GoFax offers a dedicated Australian fax number upon signing up for its services.

It offers fax numbers based on the city or state. The service is available primarily in major cities, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Additionally, there are fax numbers that one can select based on the nearest exchange. It is also possible to keep your existing fax numbers ported across GoFax.

In addition, there are also local Australian fax numbers that a business or individual can have, depending on the location. In this case, a fax number area code and the dialing code number is crucial.

Local Fax number

Even if a business is run from an office halfway around the world, a local fax number is vital for enabling and enhancing connections with local customers. In addition, local fax numbers averts lengthy and costly international fax numbers.

Consequently, it will make a big difference as local clients always opt for the cheapest available connection option. While a phone line is more than enough for connection, a local fax number is ideal for sending sensitive documents. In addition, it affirms a business is ready to do business with the neighborhood.

Formatting Fax Numbers in Australia

While sending a fax to an Australian fax number, it's essential to format the number correctly. Consequently, the number must begin with the, area code, and finally, the number. The area code changes depending on the location. For instance, Adelaide codes for 08 while Brisbane is 07 and Sydney 02.

Are All Fax Numbers 10 Digits?

The total number of fax number digits can be 10 or more: For instance, sending a fax to a fax machine in Sydney, a fax number sample can be 02 87645670. How much does a fax number cost? The cost of a fax number in Australia varies depending on the provider.

How can I get a free fax number online?

The only available way to get a free fax number is by signing up with an email fax provider. In this case, you will not need to configure anything to send and receive documents via fax.

Internet Connection Powered Faxing

If you wish to send a fax over Wi-Fi, you might as well have to subscribe to a fast internet connection. For example, a connected fax machine connected to a landline phone allows printing via Wi-Fi where there is an internet connection.

When connected to SpinTel NBN plans or mobile networks, the online fax machine should send a fax via email, web application, smartphone, or desktop software.

However, Wi-Fi enables connection between the fax machine and internet powered devices such as computers or smartphones. Unfortunately, there is usually no internet connection between the fax machine and the phone network. In this case, the fax machine must be connected to a landline in service, and the fax machine must use software to fax wirelessly.

e- Faxing

E-Faxing is the latest mode of faxing that allows people to send and receive online fax using the internet and other internet protocols. It will enable people to send and receive faxes online rather than the phone line service.

The eFax system relies on the printer's internet connection to send and receive faxes. The only requirement is a superfast internet connection like the one beamed by SpinTel as you don't have to place the printer where the phone jacks.

In this case, a fax is sent over the internet to the eFax server and then to the recipient's fax machine over a standalone phone line. With this system, one can receive faxes similarly to the old one. The only difference is that the sender sends faxes over the internet.

Additionally, eFax services make it easy to send and receive faxes over the cloud. Consequently, customers can connect with the company via the internet, which is relatively cheap compared to costly phone bills.

In addition, with eFax, you can access fax sent on the phone and forward them to other coworkers for follow-up. Therefore, eFax services make it easy to operate a business from across the world without the limitation of being somewhere to receive eFax.

Can you Fax with a Cell Phone?

Well, having a fax machine to send and receive faxes is not a must. There are services and apps online that allow people to transform a smartphone or tablet into a functioning fax machine. With the service, you can also add an electronic signature to fax online with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Bottom Line

A local Australian fax number is crucial for any business looking to maintain a direct connection with clients and other companies worldwide. It offers a secure and efficient means of sending and receiving sensitive or essential documentation. In addition, when powered by a superfast internet connection like the one provided by SpinTel, it becomes much easier to explore cloud services and other telework options.


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