By Ned McRae

Free Wi-Fi hotspots make it easy to access the internet without spending a dollar or exhausting mobile data. Places with free Wi-Fi are plenty around Australia. The only thing is how one gets connected to the free Wi-Fi hotspots on offer.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots, as the name suggests, are mostly located in public areas such as shopping malls, airports, and railway stations. Such facilities offer free Wi-Fi that one can connect to without any password restrictions. The free Wi-Fi password connection is designed to attract traffic to the facilities where other services or goods are sold.

Private Wi-Fi hotspots are primarily available in businesses or household settings. Such connections are designed to limit the number of people who can access the internet. You can only connect to such internet services by logging in with a password.

How Can I Connect to Wi-Fi for Free?

Knowing places with free Wi-Fi is crucial if you wish to browse the internet without spending a dollar. In an area where many establishments are trying to attract traffic at all costs, getting Free Wi-Fi near you without a password should not be a hassle.

Coffee shops, shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants, and some fast-food places are some establishments that offer free Wi-Fi connections. If you are in an urban setting, your device should be able to capture free Wi-Fi hotspots for you.

However, in some establishments, such as restaurants, you might have to ask for a password to connect to Wi-Fi. Such free Wi-Fi connections are only offered as an added service to customers.

If you or others travelling with you have significant mobile data, you can use the smartphone to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that other devices can use to connect to the internet. Most smartphones come with a Tethering and Portable Hotspot feature that enables the creation of a Free Wi-Fi that can be used with other devices. The downside to this measure is that the Wi-Fi is not entirely free as the mobile data that gets consumed.

How Can I Get a Free Wi-Fi Password?

While it’s always exciting to connect to Wi-Fi without being prompted to enter a password, that’s not always the case. Unless a Wi-Fi network is public, a password is a must to access the internet. In addition, the little padlock that appears on your device while trying to connect affirms the need for a password to gain access.

The easiest way of getting a free Wi-Fi password is by asking. If you are in a restaurant, retail outlet, or office building, simply ask for a password that would allow you to access the free Wi-Fi.

In addition to asking, there are apps programmed to decrypt passwords protected Wi-Fi connections. For example, the Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester app can be used to access such networks with ease.

Which App Gives Free Wi-Fi Password?

Android and iOS users can download some awesome free Wi-Fi apps that enable connection to public Wi-Fi without any hassle. Free Wi-Fi is one such app that lets people connect to the internet anywhere and at any time.

WiFiMapper is another Android and iOS app that lets people enjoy free Wi-Fi connectivity at public places like cafes, salons, libraries, and cinemas. AutoWiFi Lite, on the other hand, offers a convenient way of connecting to free Wi-Fi as it stores all username and password data once a Wi-Fi hotspot is located. In return, it connects automatically once close to the network.

Instabridge, Wi-Fi You, Osmino, Wi-Fi Map, and Wi-Fi Analyzer are some of the other apps you can use to connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Where Can I Get Free Wi-Fi in Australia?

Sydney, like all the other cities and towns in Australia, plays homage to an array of establishments and amenities looking to attract significant human traffic. Almost all the major restaurants, from McDonalds to Starbuck and Gloria Jean cafes, offer free internet services around the city.

While smaller cafes and restaurants do offer such services, you may have to ask for a free Wi-Fi password

Ferry routes also integrate free Wi-Fi hotspot offerings, with a few train stations following suit. Shopping malls, retail outlets, and public institutions such as universities also offer free Wi-Fi, but you might require a password.

How Do I Get Free Wi-Fi with No Money?

Whether traveling or out of the house for a short period, you don’t have to stay offline just because you don’t have mobile data, there are various ways to access free Wi-Fi without spending a cent.

Hotspot databases such as WeFi, Wiman, WiFiMapper, and Swift come with a huge list of over 100 million free Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. You will be surprised that such connections are available even in rural areas. There are also free Wi-Fi apps that you can use to gain access to hidden free Wi-Fi hotspots. With a bit of searching, you can gain access to the connections at no extra cost.

Freedom Pop for Free Internet also offers an excellent way of accessing the internet for free. All you will need, in this case, is a wireless router that can be used to access the internet while on the go without any hassle.

It operates as a portable router allowing you to connect to public hotspots much easier and faster. In addition, you won’t risk losing the internet unless in a bad network coverage area. If you are leaving in a place where wireless connections tends to slow most of the time then you can take advantage of the AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO VDSL/ADSL Modem Router on offer at SpinTel for fast Wi-Fi connections

Libraries, Public Plazas, and restaurants are some of the places you are guaranteed to find free Wi-Fi as the establishments offer such connections to attract the masses. However, with hundreds and potentially thousands of people connected simultaneously, the internet strength with such connections might be weak.

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