SpinTel vs Superloop - Comparing the Plans!

By Ned McRae

Connecting to the National Broadband Network (NBN) requires an internet service provider who offers plans that don't break the bank. Besides affordable pricing, your provider's connectivity services must be congestion-free and scalable to accommodate homes and small businesses. Let’s take a look at SpinTel and Superloop and compare them to see which of these two NBN plan providers can cater to your needs better.

SpinTel has been around since 1996, while Superloop has been selling NBN plans for over three years now. Depending on the speed category sufficient for your internet needs, you'll choose a trusted provider while considering your overall budget between SpinTel vs Superloop.

SpinTel vs Superloop - Which One is Better?

SpinTel and Superloop deliver excellent internet speeds through their various NBN plans. Their services include home and business wireless broadband, mobile services, and consumer infrastructure provisions.

One thing that sets SpinTel apart in SpinTel vs. Superloop comparison is its low prices, excellent value, and great deals for new sign-ups. In addition, it has the fastest NBN 100 plan and offers the option to provide your own receiving equipment, including a configured modem.

On the other hand, Superloop, which entirely focuses on NBN, features fast speeds and regular competitive promotional pricing that's often recurring. The provider also offers fixed-line packages across six plans for metropolitan areas under periodic promotion prices.

Superloop falls behind but still nips at the heels of lower costs and speeds, especially for their NBN 25 plan compared to SpinTel. SpinTel's most significant selling point is value for money as they offer speedy NBN connectivity at affordable rates.

Which Provider Is Best for NBN?

The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), is a government initiative that upgraded the infrastructure of the country's connectivity, resulting in changes to internet provision. Innovations have included fiber-to-node or premises connections and fixed wireless and satellite services offered by providers such as SpinTel vs Superloop.

SpinTel was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1996, and it's been operating to provide mobiles, data, and text services alongside fixed-line home broadband. The company is an award-winning Australian provider of NBN access and features plans with typical evening speeds at par with their cost.

What appeals to many Australian consumers is how SpinTel bundles broadband and mobile plans, enabling many to score decent bandwidths and data capacities each month. The provider also runs recurring first connection promotions, attracting many with its NBN 25, 50, and 100 plans.

Another area where the ISP shines when comparing SpinTel vs Superloop is customer support, as they have a wide range of communication channels. They offer buttery smooth experiences of dealing with their representatives, whether over the phone, live chat, email, and responsive social media portals.

The following table compares NBN access for SpinTel vs Superloop for various NBN plans offered by them:

Plan SpinTel Superloop
NBN Unlimited Entry 15 Mbps $44.00 per month NA
NBN 25 vs. NBN Home Standard 25 Mbps $49.95 per month 22 Mbps $53.95 per month
NBN 50 Unlimited plus vs. NBN Home Standard 50 Mbps $54.00 per month 48 Mbps $53.95 per month
NBN 100 vs. NBN Home Fast 100 Mbps $69.00 per month 93 Mbps $69.95 per month

Superloop Customer Rating

Several consumers of Superloop NBN products complain of constant drop-outs and speed latency. Others lament how the service provider fails to prorate monthly fees after transferring their billing cycle to the 5th day of service. However, the consensus amongst Australian customers is that speeds are okay, but the customer service is lacking going by the 3.2-star rating out of 5 compared to 4.4 for SpinTel on

SpinTel Customer Rating

Consumers of SpinTel's NBN connections call their service excellent, as is the price, especially for the higher 50 and 100 packages. Besides reliable internet speeds, SpinTel is rated as having better customer service, as is indicated by the waiting time for connection set-up. In addition, any broadband connection issues are dealt with quickly and seamlessly by a help desk that's described severally as 'fantastic' and 'excellent.


SpinTel vs Superloop scores highly for providing reliable congestion-free mobile and home wireless internet service for the national broadband network, NBN. However, as depicted above, SpinTel's offering of speed from 100Mbit down, mobile bundles, and lower pricing means it's the best network for home and business usage.

Other than welcome bonus features, the two service providers don't offer many perks or add-ons to their NBN plans, which is okay with most consumers. SpinTel focuses on mid-range data offerings of 12 to 100 Mbps, while Superloop goes higher with their 1000 Mbps package.

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