How to Extend Ring Time on iPhone in Australia

Have you ever tried to locate your phone as it is ringing but can’t seem to find it? Then, once you finally get it and try to answer, it goes silent. Could the phone have rung longer? That’s the question we keep asking ourselves from time to time. Well, you will be surprised to know that it is possible to extend the ringing time of a phone call from the typical 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Therefore, how to extend ring time on an iPhone in Australia should never be a point of concern if you know what to do and where to tap.

SpinTel is an award-winning telecommunication company best known for offering some of the best Sim-only plans in Australia. Its Sim only plans are designed to offer month-to-month service with unlimited talk and text, all on a flexible plan designed to save money. In addition, you will not have to worry about extending the ring time on your iPhone in Australia as it is possible to do so with a few clicks.

Extending Ring Time Regardless of the Phone or Telco

You can address how to extend ring time on an iPhone in Australia if you are a SpinTel customer or subscribed to any other network with ease. This is possible if you are using a Sims-only plan from any telecommunication network.

While in the call app dial *#61#, and tap send/call. A call forwarding number will appear on the screen, write it down if you have to. Go back to the call app and dial **61* and then type the voicemail/forwarding number retrieved in the previous step, then type ** the number of seconds you would like to extend the ring time, and then press #. Tap the dial, and you would have extended the ringing time.

For instance, if you wish to extend ring time on by 30 seconds, it would be dial **61*321**30# and hit call/send.

It is important to note that you can make your phone ring longer regardless of the network or phone.

How to extend ring time on iPhones in Australia

The ringing time refers to how long the phone rings before it cuts off. After that, the person who is making the call will either be directed to your voicemail or receive a message that you are unavailable. While these two solutions often come in handy, they can cause many inconveniences if it is an important call you need to pick.

To avoid this stalemate, you can always extend ring time on iPhone 13 or any other phone. This way, you have a longer opportunity to pick up the phone call. Moreover, while in some cases you might have to call SpinTel or the Telco of use, in some cases, you can do it directly from your phone.

Depending on the smartphone and the network provider the process or step is taken to increase the ring time will be different. Nevertheless, it is possible to extend the ring time in increments of five seconds up to 30 seconds.

While a phone ringing for up to 15 seconds is reasonable, it can be quite short if you are far from your phone or cannot seem to locate it after misplacement. Below is an easy step to extend ring time on iPhone in Australia:

Simply open the call app on your phone. Next dial **61*321** followed by the number of seconds you would like the phone to ring, then press # and dial. For instance, if you wish to extend ring time on iPhone 12 for 45 seconds, it would be **61*321**45#  the press dial. Once everything is successful you will receive a pop-up with a message saying call forwarding is successful.

It is important to note that this only works for direct voice calls using the cellular network and not voice over internet protocol calls. So if you wish to extend ring time on Android over the VoIP technology, which relies on SpinTel Wi-Fi or NBN plans, you will have to do it through the VoIP app.

SpinTel for Ultimate Sim Only Plans

If you are constantly missing important phone calls you don’t have to worry about how to extend ring time on your iPhone in Australia. You can extend your phone’s ring time using a quick shortcut on your phone regardless of the mobile network. While on that you can also take advantage of SpinTel’s award-winning Sim-only mobile plans for unlimited talk and text.




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